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Classics - distribution of credits

Type of activity

No. of credits

General initial courses, Faculty of Humanities: Introductory seminar, Theories of science in the humanities, and Research Ethics 5
Research courses: Optional internal and external courses 8-12
Thesis seminar 8
International Conferences with paper/poster/abstract min. 4
Dissemination min. 2
Mid way evaluation - no credits  
Courses in generic skills - no credits  
Total number of credits 30

Thesis seminar

The thesis seminars are organized as a research seminar for the whole academic staff and has minimum 3 seminars à 2x45 minutes per semester.

Ph.D.-candidates receives 8 credits for obligatory participation at the seminars and must include 3 presentations and 3 commentaries in the course of the PhD period.

If you are away for a longer research stay, it is possible to receive points for attendants at Thesis seminars, or equivalent, at the guest University. And application regarding this can be sent to your local PhD-coordinator.

Provisions for Candidates that started before August 2016:

The Candidates must complete min. 6 credits of Thesis seminars. The Candidates receive 6 credits for obligatory participation, 2 presentations and 1 commentary.  


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