Philosophy - distribution of credits

Type of activity

No. of credits

General initial courses, Faculty of Humanities: Introductory seminar, Theories of science in the humanities, and Research Ethics 5
Research courses: Optional internal and external courses 8-12
Thesis seminar 8
International Conferences with paper/poster/abstract min. 4
Dissemination min. 2
Mid way evaluation - no credits  
Courses in generic skills - no credits  
Total number of credits 30

Thesis seminar

To receive 8 credits you must participate at 20 seminars à 2 hours in the course of the PhD programme (this correspond to 3-4 seminars per semester or 6-7 seminars per year). You must also give a minimum of 3 presentations and 3 comments in the course of your PhD period.

Each seminar is comprised of one presentation, one comment and a general discussion.

Provisions for Candidates that started before August 2016:

The Candidates must complete min. 4 -  max. 8 credits of Thesis seminars


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