Yael Friedman

Doctoral Research Fellow - IFIKK
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Mobile phone +4798420692
Room 338
Visiting address Blindernveien 31 Georg Morgenstiernes hus 0313 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1020 Blindern 0315 Oslo
Other affiliations Faculty of Humanities (Student)

I am a member of the Center for Philosophy and the Sciences (CPS) at the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas.

Academic interests

My primary academic interest is in history and philosophy of science (HPS).

My current research examines the holistic concept of P-medicine (known as Precision, Personalized, and P4 medicine). I explore questions such as: What is holism in P-medicine, and in what ways is it affecting the definitions of health, illness, and disease? What does it mean to be a 'whole organism' in P-medicine scope? How can we conceptualize the relationships between organism and environment with regard to definitions of health, illness, and disease?   

As such, my research takes place on the intersection between philosophy of medicine and biology. I am also interested in phenomenology and its application in medicine and healthcare, especially in psychiatry.

Other academic interests include history and philosophy of technology, history of ideas, critical theory, and contemporary art.

Supervisors: Prof. Gry Oftedal (UiO) and Prof. Dr. med. Cornelius Borck (Institute for The History of Medicine and Science Research (IMGWF), Lübeck University).

External Cooperation: Department of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and Psychosomatics, University of Zurich.


I hold a Master's degree in History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas from the Cohn Institute, Tel-Aviv University, and a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and Education from Hamidrasha School of Art, Israel.

Tags: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophy of Biology, History of Science


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  • Friedman, Yael (2021). Who is the biological patient? A gradual, dynamic model of organism‐environment.
  • Friedman, Yael; Watzl, Sebastian; Oftedal, Gry & Görbitz, Carl Henrik (2021). Hva betyr «å bli bra» etter helseproblemer? Tre ord kan hjelpe oss å være tydeligere. Aftenposten Viten. ISSN 2464-3033. p. 28–29.
  • Friedman, Yael (2021). Who is the biological patient, and when does (s)he recover?
  • Friedman, Yael (2021). Who Is the Biological Patient in the COVID-19 Pandemic?
  • Friedman, Yael (2021). On Recovery: Redirecting the Concept by Differentiation of its Meanings.
  • Friedman, Yael (2020). From the Organism-Environment Dichotomy to a Gradual Conception of the Living Being and its Exterior.

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