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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Andreas Brekke Carlsson Carlsson, Andreas Brekke Associate Professor +47 22841065 a.b.carlsson@ifikk.uio.no
Picture of Lars Christie Christie, Lars Associate Professor lars.christie@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy
Picture of Laura Crosilla Crosilla, Laura Postdoctoral Fellow laura.crosilla@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy
Dever, Joshua Professor II joshua.dever@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy
Drozdzowicz, Anna Daria Postdoctoral Fellow a.d.drozdzowicz@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy
Picture of Yael Friedman Friedman, Yael Doctoral Research Fellow +4798420692 yael.friedman@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophy of Biology, History of Science
Picture of Mirela Fus Fus, Mirela Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22844839 mirela.fus@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy of language, Philosophy, Metaphilosophy
Picture of Yvonne Hütter-Almerigi Hütter-Almerigi, Yvonne yvonne.hutter-almerigi@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy, Philosophy of language
Picture of Sigurd Jorem Jorem, Sigurd Doctoral Research Fellow +47 46636776 46636776 sigurd.jorem@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy, Conceptual Engineering, Philosophy of language, Method
Picture of Max Johannes Kippersund Kippersund, Max Johannes Doctoral Research Fellow m.j.kippersund@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy, Philosophy of mind, Metaphysics, Perception
Long, Madeleine Postdoctoral Fellow madeleine.long@ifikk.uio.no Pragmatics, Psycholinguistics, Cognitive Ageing, Language Learning
Picture of Christopher James Masterman Masterman, Christopher James Doctoral Research Fellow c.j.masterman@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy
Picture of Ole Martin Moen Moen, Ole Martin Researcher +47 22859102 +47 41686074 o.m.moen@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy
Picture of Gry Oftedal Oftedal, Gry Senior Lecturer +47 22841062 gry.oftedal@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy
Pepp, Jessica Alden Researcher +47 22841685 j.a.pepp@ifikk.uio.no
Picture of Joanna Pollock Pollock, Joanna Postdoctoral Fellow +447527817292 joanna.pollock@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy
Picture of Agustín Rayo Fierro Rayo Fierro, Agustín Professor II +16177104617 a.r.fierro@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy
Picture of Paula Rubio-Fernandez Rubio-Fernandez, Paula Researcher +47 22841662 paula.rubio-fernandez@ifikk.uio.no Pragmatics, Psycholinguistics, Theory of Mind
Picture of Joona Räsänen Räsänen, Joona Doctoral Research Fellow +358505742131 +47-22856721 joona.rasanen@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy, Ethics, Bioethics
Picture of Francesca Secco Secco, Francesca Doctoral Research Fellow francesca.secco@ifikk.uio.no
Seim, Maria Doctoral Research Fellow maria.seim@ifikk.uio.no
Picture of Aksel Sterri Sterri, Aksel Doctoral Research Fellow +4798039096 aksel.sterri@ifikk.uio.no Applied Ethics, Commodification, Philosophy, Ethics
Picture of Hilde Vinje Vinje, Hilde Doctoral Research Fellow hilde.vinje@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy, Antiquity
Picture of Keith A. Wilson Wilson, Keith A. Postdoctoral Research Fellow +47 228 55 205 keith.wilson@ifikk.uio.no Philosophy, Philosophy of mind, Perception, Representation, The senses, Philosophy of psychology
Picture of Yelena Yermakova Yermakova, Yelena Doctoral Research Fellow yelena.yermakova@ifikk.uio.no Political Philosophy, Public Policy, Polar Regions, Climate Change, Sovereignty, Territorial Rights, Antarctica