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Jens Saugstad is a professor of philosophy at the University of Oslo. He received the Norwegian magister artium degree (mag. art.) in philosophy on a dissertation (in Norwegian) on Kant’s theory of knowledge in 1982. As a Fulbright fellow in 1984-85, he pursued his studies in philosophy at Columbia University. In 1994 he became a doctor of philosophy (dr. philos.) on a dissertation on the moral the moral status of fetuses – The Moral Ontology of Human Fetuses (unpublished) – in which he argues on Kantian grounds for a moderate position on the moral status of human fetuses. In 1997 he was appointed associate professor in ethics with a special responsibility for the Examen philosophical. Since 2001 he has been a full professor.


While employed in a position in ethics, Saugstad is also interested in theoretical philosophy – theory of knowledge and the philosophy of mind, in particular. His primary interest is Kant’s philosophy (theoretical and practical), and he is also interested in contemporary philosophy, in particular the later Wittgenstein.


  • “The categorical imperativeˮ – paper in progress: an attempt at developing a new interpretation of Kant’s principle.
  • Flexible deontology – book project: an attempt at developing a deontological theory that steers clear of standard charges of rigidity.


Tags: Philosophy, Ethics, Applied ethics, The Philosophy of mind, Kant, Wittgenstein, Political philosophy, Epistemology
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