Participants in Acquiring Figurative Meanings

From the University of Oslo

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Deirdre Wilson
Bjørn Torgrim Ramberg Professor +47 22841673 +47 91742234 (mob) Philosophy
Francisco Pons Head of Section - Health, Developmental and Personality Psychology +47 22845209 Developmental psychology
Hanne Gram Simonsen Professor Emeritus +4722854182 +4790128109 (mob) Language Acquisition, Linguistics, Phonetics, Multilingualism, Aphasia, Dementia, Clinical Linguistics
Petter Laake Professor Emeritus +47 22851235 Biostatistics
Ane Theimann Doctoral Research Fellow Linguistics, Child Language Acquisition, Multilingualism, Eye-tracking
Hans Robin Solberg
Ingrid Lossius Falkum Associate Professor +47 22844838 +47 91307237 (mob) Philosophy, Linguistics, Pragmatics, Developmental Psychology, Experimental Linguistics, Philosophy of Communication