Department board

The Department Board is the department's hightest authority, with responsibility for setting the the department's main objectives, priorities and strategies. 

Please see the Norwegian pages for the current composition of the board.

About the board composition

The composition of the board is defined in UiOs general rules for institute organization (Norwegian only). Based on these rules, the board is made up of the head of department (chairman), three representatives for the academic staff, one for the temporary academic staff, one for the administrative staff, one external reprenstative an one student representative. The head of research sits with and holds the right to speak and make suggestions to the board, but he does not take part in decisions. He is also deputy head of department and acts as chairman of the board in the absence of the head of department.

The head of department is employed on a four year term and representatives for the academic staff is elected for four years. Representatives for temporary staff and students are elected for one year at a time. Secretary for the board is head of administration at the department.

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