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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Erling Hagen Agøy Agøy, Erling Hagen Senior Lecturer 91693904 e.h.agoy@ikos.uio.no China, Chinese, environmental history, environmental humanities
Picture of Lu Chen Chen, Lu Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22857192 +47 22857192 lu.chen@ikos.uio.no Environmental Humanities, China, Ethnography
Picture of Chunrong Liu Liu, Chunrong Guest Researcher +47-22858514 chunrong.liu@ikos.uio.no Chinese Politics and Diplomacy, Chinese Society, FECCS
Picture of Yijian Liu Liu, Yijian Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855640 yijian.liu@ikos.uio.no China, Chinese
Picture of Minh Khai Mai-Thi Mai-Thi, Minh Khai Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22854904 +47 98099765 m.k.mai-thi@ikos.uio.no China, East Asia, Chinese Philosophy, Medical Humanities, Medical history, Philosophy of mind.
Mohseni Kabir Backstrom, Daniel Doctoral Research Fellow d.m.k.backstrom@ikos.uio.no
Picture of Siv Helland Oftedal Oftedal, Siv Helland Researcher s.h.oftedal@ikos.uio.no China, Politics, central-local relations, the Chinese Communist Party, South China, Pearl River Delta, Greater Bay Area
Picture of Kanyu Wang Wang, Kanyu Doctoral Research Fellow kanyu.wang@ikos.uio.no
Picture of Wei Wu Wu, Wei Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22854487 wei.wu@ikos.uio.no Chinese, China, East Asia, Economic History
Picture of Yichi Zhang Zhang, Yichi Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22855585 yichi.zhang@ikos.uio.no China, Landscape Architecture, Conservation, Garden History, Urban History, British history, Heritage, Architecture, 20th Century, Colonial History
Picture of Yunyun Zhou Zhou, Yunyun Senior Lecturer +47 22856857 yunyun.zhou@ikos.uio.no China, Chinese politics, Authoritarianism, Feminism, Political representation, Political ethnography.