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Administrative staff

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Kari Andersen Andersen, Kari Senior Executive Officer +47 22858468 PhD coordinator
Picture of Malene Bøyum Bøyum, Malene Senior Executive Officer +47 22854379 Student administration
Picture of Olga Djordjilovic Djordjilovic, Olga Senior Adviser +47 22854326
Engenes, Ellen Holandsli Senior Executive Officer +47 22854718
Picture of Mari Ringnes Gløtberget Gløtberget, Mari Ringnes Principal Engineer
Picture of Dragana Grulovic Grulovic, Dragana Senior Executive Officer +47 22844403
Picture of Maria Natvik Hellebø Hellebø, Maria Natvik Senior Executive Officer +47 22854830 Student administration, Kulturstudier, Museologi og kulturarvstudier
Picture of Lene Ørbech  Jensen Jensen, Lene Ørbech Senior Executive Officer +47 22 85 52 34 Middle East Studies, South Asian Culture and Society, HF:studio
Picture of Ragnhild Kuløy Kuløy, Ragnhild Senior Executive Officer 228 56060
Picture of Vita Kvedaraite Kvedaraite, Vita Adviser +47 22854724 Research support, Research administration, FECCS
Picture of Sigurd Holmvik Ovesen Ovesen, Sigurd Holmvik Higher Executive Officer +47 22844506
Picture of Ingrid Robertsen Owen Owen, Ingrid Robertsen Senior Executive Officer +47 22856703 Cultural history, Museology and Cultural Heritage, European Culture, Student administration
Picture of Ragnhild Rebne Rebne, Ragnhild Administrative Head of Department +47-22855926 ragnhild.rebne@ikos.uio .no
Picture of Hanne Skramstad Skramstad, Hanne Head of academics 228 55924
Picture of Sathya Sritharan Sritharan, Sathya Economy officer 228 54921
Picture of Carina Bjerk Tørud Tørud, Carina Bjerk Adviser +47 22858223 OSEH, Miljøhumaniora, Environmental Humanities, Honours Certificate in Environmental Humanities and Sciences