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Research groups

The project contributes to the history of knowledge. It will explore what kind of stories and histories that were told, to whom, with what aims.

Big portrait of a man and many things around like light, pictures, Dalai Lama. Photo.

A multi-disciplinary research initiative with participants from across the department, including the Study of Religion, Culture Studies and Middle East and Asia Area Studies.

About 20 colourfully dressed women are seated in a circle in a temple room. Photo.

How can we understand the social dynamics of past and present Asian religious festivals?

Left to right: Confucius statue (China), Artemis of Ephesus (Turkey), Vishnu (Thailand) and the Black Nazarene (Philippines).

The network brings together researchers in the study of religion affiliated with universities and professional communities in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

We investigate South Asian political culture by investigating values, concepts, meanings and symbols of power, authority and status.