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Magic in Norway

The Magic in Norway archive comprises three types of sources: grimoires, witchcraft trial records, and magic legends.


A grimoire, or black book, is often defined as a book of magic containing magic formulas, spells, and hexes.

In the database of grimoires (only in Norwegian), you can browse black books and search for individual recipes. 

Witchcraft trial records

A witchcraft trial record refers to the record from a trial where someone has been accused of performing magic or witchcraft.

The digital witchcraft archive (only in Norwegian) is a database of about 650 Norwegian witchcraft cases.

Magic legends

Magic legends are stories that provide a glimpse into popular notions of magic and sorcery in Norway during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

In the database of magic legends (only in Norwegian) you will find legends and legend notes from all over the country.