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The Nordic Society for Metrical Studies

The Nordic Society for Metrical Studies (NordMetrik) is an inter-disciplinary network of scholars of language, literature, folklore, musicology, and psychology.

Photo of Tingvalla bridge in Karlstad.

What is the meter of Tingvalla bridge in Karlstad?

Photo: Sissel Furuseth

About the group

The research network was founded 1986 in Gothenburg as the Centrum för Metriska Studier (CMS). 

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The board 2018-2020:

Sissel Furuseth (Oslo)

Satu Grünthal (Helsinki)

Tomas Riad (Stockholm)

Maria-Kristiina Lotman (Tartu)

Frog (Helsinki)

Birgitte Stougaard Pedersen (Aarhus)

Ulf Cronquist (Göteborg)


Electoral committee:

Eva Lilja (Göteborg)

Tina Høegh (Odense)