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SPRIK (completed)

The SPRIK project has the over-arching strategic aim of enhancing linguistic research in Norway within contrastive linguistics, stylistics, and semantics/pragmatics, as well as linguistically oriented translation studies.

About the project

Central to the project is research on the Oslo Multilingual Corpus (OMC). Such parallel corpora represent an invaluable source of insight into the interplay of various factors that determine information structure in a language while also shedding light on the cross-linguistic variation in the structuring of sentences and text.


Through contrastive studies of authentic language in context, the project aims to provide new insights, methodological renewal and empirically based theory development. Insights gained from the research project will also be relevant to applied fields such as translation and foreign language teaching.

SPRIK comprises three sub-projects focusing on different aspects of information structuring. Syntactic devices are central to Subproject 1, while the other two focus on lexical and textual resources.

  • Subproject 1: Syntactic resources for information structuring: presentatives, topicalization, passivization, clefting
  • Subproject 2: The interplay of explicit and implicit information
  • Subproject 3: Conditions for perspectivization in text


SPRIK is funded by the Norwegian Research Council. The project continues a previous project supported by the Norwegian Research Council and the Faculty of Arts (1999-2002) at the University of Oslo.

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Head of project

Cathrine Fabricius-Hansen


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