David Mauk

Professor em.

Research Interests:

U. S. Immigration and Ethnic History: immigrants and international labor history; immigrants and urban history; the politics of U. S. immigration and ethnic cultural debates; gender differences and politics in U. S.; the evolution of immiration and ethnic law and judicial decisions; the changing U. S. identity in relation to the nation's immigration and ethnic history

U. S. Politics and Government: Challenges to American Democracy; federalism's changing face in the U. S.; the presidency; presidential war powers. the rhetorical dimension of the modern, media oriented presidency; congressional-presidential relations; the federal judiciary's evolving role; U.S. foreign policy

Specialty Courses Taught in Relation to Research Interests:

An Enlightening Lens: American History through the Prism of the Immigrant Experience; Critical Challenges to American Democracy; America in the World; The American Presidency; Issues in American Foreign Policy; Research Seminar in American Immigration and Ethnic History

Emneord: Politikk og styresett, Nord-amerika, Immigrasjon og etnisitet, Kjønnsroller, Byhistorie
Publisert 3. juni 2010 15:25 - Sist endret 11. jan. 2018 11:21


  • Obama's Embattled Presidency in Politically Polarized America
  • The Politics of Unity and Diversity in the United States
  • Trans-Atlantic Resonances: the Biennial conferernce of the Nordic Association for American Studies (President and Conference Organizer)