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Department board

The Department Board is the department's highest authority, with responsibility for deciding the department's main objectives, priorities and strategies.

Representatives for permanent academic staff and administrative staff are elected for 2021-2023. Representatives for temporary academic staff and students are elected for the year of 2021.

Members of the board Deputy members

Eiri Elvestad
Head of Department / Chair

Petter Bae Brandtzæg
Head of Research / Deputy Head of Department 

Liv Hausken
Representative permanent academic staff

1. Deputy. Taina Bucher, Associate Professor

2. Deputy. Maria Lüders, Professor

3. Deputy. Cristina Archetti, Professor

Deputy representative permanent academic staff  

Arnt Maasø
Associate professor
Representative permanent academic staff

Rune Karlsen
Representative permanent academic staff

Anna Grøndahl Larsen
Senior Lecturer
Representative temporary academic staff

Truls Strand Offerdal

PhD candidate
Deputy representative temporary academic staff

Helén Rummelhoff
Senor Executive Officer
Representative for the administration
Bjørnar Hjulstad
Administrative Head of Studies
Deputy representative for the administration
Celine Ryel
Student representative

1. Deputy Matilde Berg Fagerland
2. Deputy Helene Marie Bakke

Deputy student representative

Jonas Nicolay Corneliussen

Student representative



Rune Røsten
External representative

Heidi Austlid
Deputy external representative

Permanent members (categories):

  • Head of Department
  • Three representatives for the permanent academic staff
  • One representative for the temporary academic staff
  • One representative for the administrative staff
  • One external representative
  • Two student representatives.

Term length

  • The representatives for the temporary academic staff and student representatives are elected for one year at a time. The elections are normally held at the end of each year.
  • The rest of the board is elected each fourth year.
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