IMK PhD "Kappe" and thesis seminar

On the first day, there will be a traditional thesis seminar. On the second day, we will look into pitfalls connected with writing the explanatory part of an article-based thesis ("kappe"). NB! New dates!

Presentations and discussion on the seminars will be tailor made for the PhD candidates within media studies.

The first day will be a traditional thesis seminar where IMK candidates will present and get feedback on their work in progress.

The second day will be devoted to article-based dissertations, where also experiences from evaluations committees will be presented. A former PhD-student that successfully have submitted her/his kappe will present experiences, and a supervisor (Marika Lüders) will present her experiences. 

We will also discuss and respond to challenges and questions from the PhD-candidates and supervisors based on the experiences presented.

Tentative agenda

February 28

Everybody is requested to prepare a 15 min. (approx.) presentation of their own papers/chapters with the following content:

- Aim/research question
- Research gaps
- Theoretical approach
- Methods (if applicable)
- Findings (if applicable)
- What do I need feedback on? (optional)
- Others?

More information on the structure / opponents is coming.


March 1

13:00 Introduction by Petter B. Brandtzæg: Lessons learned from evaluations committees and their view on Kappe.
13:30 Presentation by a former PhD-candidate (TBD)
13:45 What is "kappe"? By Marika Lüders (tentative title)
14:00 Coffee Break
14:15 Questions and discussions between supervisors and PhD-candidates


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