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The MIDI Room is a multi-purpose facility used for lectures and student projects - touching on subjects varying from composition to music production and programming.

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The recording studio works with Logic Pro X

The MIDI-room is equipped with:

  • A dedicated iMac with Logic Pro X for recording
  • Two Avid Artist Mix-controllers with 8 faders each
  • A Lynx Aurora 16 (AD/DA-converter)
  • Various microphones from producers such as Neumann, Brauner, and Sennheiser
  • Pre-amplifiers from producers such as Universal Audio and Audient
  • Genelec studio monitors
  • A user-friendly Grace Design monitor-controller
  • A user-friendly patchbay and an intuitive signal flow, well-adjusted to novice students

The room features a small high-quality recording studio with a well-isolated recording booth. Further, each student has access to: 

  • MOTU audio interface
  • Small condenser microphone
  • MIDI-keyboard
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