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Rooms and Equipment

The Department of Musicology has special rooms, equipment, and teaching resources available for the Department's students and staff.

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The portable Network Music Performance (NMP) kits are built to facilitate ultra-low-latency music performances between two remote locations.

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By utilizing the unique facilities at IMV, you agree to the following rules and regulations. The rules are absolute, and any breach will result in permanent confiscation of access rights and/or cause long-term sanctions for all students.

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The MIDI Room is a multi-purpose facility used for lectures and student projects - touching on subjects varying from composition to music production and programming.

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The fourMs lab (Music, Mind, Motion, Machines) is a world-class facility with advanced motion capture and sound specialization systems.

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The mixing suite at the Department of Musicology is optimised to offer the best of both analogue and digital technology.

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IMV's recording studio is used for lectures, student projects, and research. The studio is equipped with a high-quality recording system based on Pro Tools HDX system and Avid S6 control surface.