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Room rules and regulations

By utilizing the unique facilities at IMV, you agree to the following rules and regulations. The rules are absolute, and any breach will result in permanent confiscation of access rights and/or cause long-term sanctions for all students.

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  1. The use of alcohol or drugs is prohibited in all rooms. Any use will result in immediate and permanent confiscation of room access.

  2. Food and drinks are not allowed in the sound studios. Water, coffee, and tea are allowed in the rehersal and teaching rooms.

  3. Only registered musicology students are allowed to access the musical rehersal rooms.

  4. Equipment located inside a room should never leave that room. If there is a need for extra equipment, please contact the local administration on the second floor.

  5. All use of the rooms should be registered and booked in the online TP system: 

  6. Always leave the rooms in good condition:

    1. Bring your personal belongings and instruments. These should be stored in designated areas (instrument storage, locker, etc. )

    2. Please ensure that all windows and doors are locked and that the room oven settings are not adjusted. 

    3. Please bring all your garbage (snus, food, packaging, etc.) when leaving a room. Rooms that are littered do not get cleaned. 


4th-floor rehersal rooms - 

U2 rehersal rooms - 

Teaching and special rooms -

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