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Salen is a combined concert hall and auditorium. Check our comprehensive documentation for more detailed info about equipment and usage.

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Salen is used for lectures, concerts, ensembles, choir rehearsals and larger hybrid events. It is equipped with:

  • Teaching station connected to HiFi speakers and projector
    • Stationary UiO PC
    • Wall-mounted Logitech PTZ webcam with remote control 
    • Possibility to connect a personal laptop to the system via HDMI
    • Catchbox microphone system
    • CD-player 
  • Streaming station
    • 2x cameras with controller 
    • Video mixer
    • Stationary UiO PC
  • Full concert system
    • Midas M-32 mixer
    • Renkus-Heinz PA system
    • A selection of microphone stands
    • 6x monitor wedges
  • Full backline
    • 2 grand pianos (Steinway and Yamaha)
    • Drum kit
    • 2x guitar and 1x bass amplifier
  • Movable tables and chairs
  • Plenty of ethernet network access for networked music performance or other events
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