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fourMs Lab

The fourMs lab (Music, Mind, Motion, Machines) is a world-class facility with advanced motion capture and sound spatialisation systems. The lab is extensively used by researchers at RITMO, but is also open for other researchers at University of Oslo. The lab is located at RITMO, Harald Schjeldrups hus. 


Equipped with systems and sensor solutions to study music-related body motion:

  • Qualisys optical motion capture system (13 Oqus cameras)
  • Xsens MVN full-body, mobile motion capture system
  • Polhemus Patriot, magnetic 6-DOF motion tracking system.
  • Various inertial low-cost sensors and sensor systems, e.g. accelerometers
  • MEGA biosignal sensors (EMG, etc.)
  • Multichannel truss mounted speaker rig with 48 Genelec (8020B) speakers for spatialization (Higher Order Ambisonics, VBAP, DBAP, etc.)
  • Small Wavefield Synthesis speaker array (24).
  • 2 active 6-channel hemispherical speakers for point-based sound diffusion.
  • TouchKeys Piano: multitouch keyboard with capacitive sensor overlays
  • Various electronic instruments and controllers from Theremin to Madrona Soundplane
  • High-end SSL AD/DA converters, RME Madiface XT state-of-the-art audio interface and recording setup with a range of quality microphones.
  • 4 Canon HD videocams (SDI) 
  • Blackmagicdesign Hyperdeck HD video recorder
  • Mac Pro running Max 6.1.x with various Third party libraries installed for spatialization and synthesis. IRCAM software, Reaper DAW and RME TotalMix.
  • PC (Win7) workstation with Qualisys QTM software for motion capture.
  • Laptop (Win8) with statistical and mathematical software: Matlab, SPSS.


  • MoCap lab pdf flowchart: FourMsLab_overview
  • Video tutorials: Tutorials

3D view

Oppsettet for NM i stillstand - Spherical Image
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