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Rehearsal Rooms

IMV offers many rehearsal rooms used for individual instrumental practice, group rehearsals, and teaching.

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Band rehearsal room 2

The rehearsal rooms in U2 are reserved for rhythmic and ensemble musicking with 4x ensemble rooms, 5x smaller practice rooms, 1x drum storage, 1x acoustic bass storage, and 2x instrument storages. All ensemble rooms in U2 are equipt with:

  • 1x Drumkit (without HH clutch and cymbals)
  • 1-3x electric guitar amplifiers
  • 1x electric bass amplifier
  • 1x Upright piano
  • 1x PA system with Yamaha mixer
  • 2x SM58 vocal microphone
  • 2x XLR cables
  • 1x Jack cables
  • 1-2x microphone stands
  • 1-3x note stands

All smaller practice rooms are equipt with:

  • 1x Upright Piano
  • 1x electric guitar amplifier
  • 1x electric bass amplifier
  • 1x HI-FI system for playing music 

The rehearsal rooms on the 4th floor are reserved for classical and acoustic musicking. The rehearsal space consists of 8x individual practice rooms and 1x special room with unique keyboard instruments (Piano room). All practice rooms on the 4th floor are equipped with:

  • 1-2x Upright piano
  • 2x Note stands
  • 1x HI-FI system for playing music


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