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fourMs Lab

The fourMs lab (Music, Mind, Motion, Machines) is a world-class facility with advanced motion capture and sound specialization systems.

People watching screens in a lab.

From a recording session of a string quartet in the motion capture lab.

The fourMs lab is located at RITMO, Harald Schjeldrups hus, on the Northern side of the Blindern campus. It is a national research infrastructure and is available to rent for external users. Please get in touch to discuss availability and costs. You can also check our FAQ.

More information on the lab web pages.


The lab is equipped with a large number of high-end motion capture, physiology and audiovisual technologies:

  • Motion capture systems
    • Qualisys optical motion capture system (13 Oqus cameras)
    • Optitrack system for out-of-lab activities (8 cameras)
    • Xsens MVN full-body, mobile motion capture system
    • Polhemus Patriot, magnetic 6-DOF motion tracking system.
    • AX3 mobile trackers (20x)
    • Various inertial low-cost sensors and sensor systems
  • Physiological measurement devices
    • Delsys system with EMG and ECG sensors
    • MEGA system with EMG and IMU sensors
    • Sweetzpot respiration belts
  • Audio systems
    • Multi-channel speaker system (24x Genelec 8020B)
    • Small Wavefield Synthesis array (24x)
    • Hemispherical speakers for point-based sound diffusion (3x)
    • Portable PA system
    • A large range of microphones, audio recorders, sound interfaces
  • Video systems
    • Various regular video cameras
    • Industry and high-speed cameras
  • Eye trackers
    • Pupil Labs eye-tracking glasses (4x)
  • Instruments
    • Yamaha P105 digital piano
    • TouchKeys keyboard with multitouch capacitive sensor overlays
    • Various experimental electronic instruments and controllers


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