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Video Room

The Video Room is IMV's second portal for network-based musical communication.

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The main goal of the MCT Portal and Video room is to explore, challenge and develop technological solutions for the transmission of audio and video signals over regular network connections, with (a) low latency, (b) high speed, and (c) high quality. The lab will have three main use areas (1) be connected with similar labs, and be a cornerstone of the international Master’s programme Music, Communication and Technology (2) be central in the research collaboration between the music technology groups at UiO and beyond, as well as national and international partners, (3) be a common UiO test lab for the most advanced audiovisual technologies available.

The video room is equipped with:

  • High-end computers for audio and video production.
  • TICO MVTP-TICO-4K hardware module
  • A collection of audio hardware including microphones, preamps, compressors, and RME interfaces. 
  • Large screens for communication and networked music performances
  • Genelec 8030 and 8020 active studio monitors 
  • Mackie mixing desk
  • And much more.
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