Bjørn Morten Christophersen

Senior Lecturer
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Phone +47 22 85 47 53
Mobile phone +47 917 57 233
Room 307
Available hours By appointment
Visiting address Department of Musicology ZEB Building 2nd floor Sem Sælands vei 2 0371 OSLO
Postal address Department of Musicology P.O. Box 1017 Blindern 0315 Oslo


  • Ph.D. in Musicology, University of Oslo
  • Cand.philol. (2 years MA) in Musicology, University of Oslo
  • MA in Composing for Film and TV, Kingston University, England
  • Cand.mag.(4 years BA) in Musicology and Media, University of Oslo
  • Composers Scholarship at the University of Agder, Norway
  • Freelance composer and arranger: Concert music (on commission), music for TV dramas at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) and the stage
  • Teaching composition, arranging, orchestration, harmony and counterpoint at the following institutions:
    • University of Oslo, Norway
    • University of Agder, Norway
    • Norwegian Teacher Academy University College (NLA) in Staffeldtsgate, Oslo, Norway
    • Fjellhaug International University College and Fjellhaug Bible School, Oslo, Norway
    • The Norwegian Band Federation (NMF), Norway


  • Music theory: Harmony, orchestration and counterpoint
  • Composition and arranging
  • Notation and editing
  • Film Music

Current Research Activities

My Ph.D. dissertation Panoramic Constraints: A Study of Johan Svendsen's Musical Sketches and Exercises focus on sketch studies and compositional process, in association with the Norwegian Musical Heritage project. On commission from the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Bjarte Engeset, I arranged and elaborated parts of Norwegian composer, Johan Svendsen’s (1840-1911) unfinished Third Symphony for a celebratory concert marking the centenary of his death in the autumn of 2010. The arrangement and elaboration were based on rediscovered sketches.

My thesis identifies all surviving sketches and composition exercises by Johan Svendsen. In addition, there is a study and discussion of his compositional processes.

I also work as a freelance composer and arranger. I write concert, film and stage music. I have composed a number of work for choir, orchestra and chamber groups. For more details, please visit my website at

Tags: Musicology, Music Theory, Musical Heritage, Classical and Contemporary Music, Film Music


  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2011). Johan Svendsen's lost or unfinished symphony. Elaborating sketches for performance. Studia Musicologica Norvegica.  ISSN 0332-5024.  (37), s 33- 74

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  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2018). 5 orkestreringer for ung.kom 2018.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2018). Heimferd i et kompositorisk perspektiv.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2018). Vil du høre?.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2018). Workshop med live orkster (ung.kom 2018).
  • Mauno, Hanne; Aksnes, Hallgjerd & Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2018, 07. desember). O helga natt: Folkets julesang.  Dagsavisen.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2017). 5 arrangementer for ung.kom 2017.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2017). Bak notene 12. januar 2017:.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2017). Bak notene 4. mai 2017.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2017). Chaconne.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2017). Concerto for Violin and Strings.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2017). Dagvise.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2017). Fanfarefull kantilene.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2017). Five Very Short Pieces for Brass Quintet.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2017). Helliget vorde dit navn.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2017, 03. september). Norsk komponistforening gjennom 100 år: NRK P2, Spillerom søndag. 10 Programmer. [Radio].
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2017). Orkestreringsforedrag med live orkester.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2017). Så seile vi på Mjøsa.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2017). Woven Brass.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2017). Woven Brass Quintet.
  • Kvalbein, Astrid; Christophersen, Bjørn Morten & Kverndokk, Kristin (2017, 19. november). Norsk komponistforening 100 år - vi oppsummerer historien, og ser på tendensene i vår egen tid. Det siste av ti programmer.. [Radio].  NRK P2 Spillerom søndag.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2016). 6 orkestreringer for Ung.kom.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2016). Johan Svendsen as Autodidact and Conservatory Trained Composer.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2016). Johan Svendsen: Sketches, Exercises and Compositional Methods.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2016). Kortmesse langt borte frå.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2016). Ohrwrumer Fantasie.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2016). Panoramic Constraints: A Study of Johan Svendsen's Musical Sketches and Exercises. Full text in Research Archive. Show summary
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2016). Xenophobian Melomania.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2015). 5 orkestreringer for Ung.kom.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2015). Vårklokken vår.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2014). Norsk kunstnerkarneval.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2014). Oak and Mayfly.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2014). Spelldåsen.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2014). Tango for to.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2013). Datarock - The Musical.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2013). The Lapse of Time.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2013). Ung.kom 2013. 6 arrangementer.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2012). DOLOREM INCIDUNT.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2012). Fru Andersen har hump i halen.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2012). INTERMEZZO.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2012). KONSERT FOR PANFLØYTE OG ORKESTER.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2012). OBS OBS.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2012). Sentimental Pebbles - Version for Brassband.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2012). Skisser som kilder i musikkedisjon – eksemplene Svendsen og Valen.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2012). Smørkrise.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2012). The Moment Symphony.
  • Byrkjeland, Hallgjerd; Dybwik, Siri & Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2011). HAUGTUSSA - ei vandring i Veslemøy sitt rike. Show summary
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2011). Symfoniskisse (Eksposisjon og Coda til 1. sats) (bearbeidelse av Johan Svendsens skisser til en symfoni).
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2010). Audiens.
  • Christophersen, Bjørn Morten (2010). Recitatives (for orkester).

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