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Picture of Hallgjerd Aksnes Aksnes, Hallgjerd Professor +47 22 85 47 64 +47 950 70 745 hallgjerd.aksnes@imv.uio.no Musicology, Music Cognition, Music and Movement, Music History, Music and Nationalism, Musical Analysis, Musical Aesthetics
Picture of Eckhard Baur Baur, Eckhard Lecturer +47 22 85 46 59 eckhard.baur@imv.uio.no Musicology, Music Theory, Jazz
Picture of Catherine Anne Bradley Bradley, Catherine Anne Associate Professor c.a.bradley@imv.uio.no Musicology, Music History, Music Theory, Music Analysis
Picture of Ragnhild Brøvig-Hanssen Brøvig-Hanssen, Ragnhild Associate Professor in Popular Music Studies +47-22854852 ragnhild.brovig-hanssen@imv.uio.no Popular music, Music technology, Music and media, music analysis, music history
Picture of Bjørn Morten Christophersen Christophersen, Bjørn Morten Senior Lecturer +47 22 85 47 53 +47 917 57 233 b.m.christophersen@imv.uio.no Musicology, Music Theory, Musical Heritage, Classical and Contemporary Music, Film Music
Picture of Anne Danielsen Danielsen, Anne Professor, Director RITMO +47 22 85 47 51 +47 482 14 002 anne.danielsen@imv.uio.no Popular Music, African-American Music, Music Analysis, Rhythm and Groove, Music Cognition, Music and Media
Picture of Kyle Devine Devine, Kyle Associate Professor +47-22854060 kyle.devine@imv.uio.no Music and Media, Music Sociology, Sound Studies, Music and Society, Popular Music, Musicology, Music History
Picture of Øyvin Dybsand Dybsand, Øyvin Lecturer +47 22 85 46 59 99294038 oyvin.dybsand@imv.uio.no Norwegian Music, Musical Life History, Romantic Classical Music, Music History, Music Analysis, Aural Training
Picture of Peter Edwards Edwards, Peter Head of Department +47 995 26 475 peter.edwards@imv.uio.no Music Aesthetics, Music Analysis, Music History, Modernism/Postmodernism, Musicology
Picture of Asbjørn Eriksen Eriksen, Asbjørn Professor +47 22 85 47 69 a.o.eriksen@imv.uio.no Musicology, Music History, Norwegian Music, Russian Music, Music Analysis, Music Theory
Picture of Rolf Inge Godøy Godøy, Rolf Inge Professor +47-22854064 r.i.godoy@imv.uio.no Music Theory, Music Cognition, Music and Motion, Music Technology
Picture of Erling E. Guldbrandsen Guldbrandsen, Erling E. Professor +47 22 85 40 65 +47 957 04 737 e.e.guldbrandsen@imv.uio.no Musicology, Music History, Music Analysis, Modernism, Romantic Classical Music, Performativity, Aesthetics and Interpretation Theory, Music and Society
Picture of Tor Halmrast Halmrast, Tor Associate Professor II +47 22 23 06 35 +47 951 91 675 torhalm@online.no Sound Theory, Musical Acoustics, Signal Processing, Composition, Arranging, Sound Installations, Room Acoustics, Sound from Different Landscapes
Picture of Stan Hawkins Hawkins, Stan Professor in Popular Musicology +47 22 85 40 63 +47 984 14 159 e.s.hawkins@imv.uio.no Popular Music, Music Analysis, Music and Society, Music and Media, Performativity
Picture of Sverre Erik Henriksen Henriksen, Sverre Erik Senior Lecturer +47-22844424 90164778 90164778 s.e.henriksen@imv.uio.no
Picture of Alexander Refsum Jensenius Jensenius, Alexander Refsum Associate Professor, Deputy Director RITMO +47 22 84 48 34 +47 951 29 232 a.r.jensenius@imv.uio.no Musicology, Music Technology, Music Cognition, Music and Movement
Picture of Yngvar Kjus Kjus, Yngvar Associate Professor +47-92084733 yngvar.kjus@imv.uio.no Popular music, Music media, Music industry, Mediated experience, Technology, Cultural politics
Picture of Nanette Nielsen Nielsen, Nanette Associate Professor +47-22854142 nanette.nielsen@imv.uio.no Music and Philosophy, Musicology, Music and Ethics, Aesthetics, Film Music, Music and Society, Opera, Music and Media
Picture of Kristian Nymoen Nymoen, Kristian Associate Professor +47-22841693 kristian.nymoen@imv.uio.no Motion Capture, Motion Analysis, Music Cognition, Machine Learning, Music and movement, Music technology
Picture of Anne Eline Riisnæs Riisnæs, Anne Eline Associate Professor +47 22 84 49 11 a.e.riisnas@imv.uio.no Classical and Contemporary Music, Period Instruments, Work Physiology
Picture of Even Kruse Skatrud Skatrud, Even Kruse Lecturer +47 22 85 46 59 e.k.skatrud@imv.uio.no Musicology, Music Theory, Jazz, Pop Music, Composition, Arrangement, Trombone, Jazz Trombone
Picture of Jonna Katariina Vuoskoski Vuoskoski, Jonna Katariina Associate Professor +47-22854759 j.k.vuoskoski@imv.uio.no Music Cognition, Music Psychology, Music and Emotion
Picture of Åshild Watne Watne, Åshild Senior lecturer +47 22 85 40 62 ashild.watne@imv.uio.no Absolute Pitch, Music Theory, Aural Training
Picture of Hans Weisethaunet Weisethaunet, Hans Professor +47-22854787 hans.weisethaunet@imv.uio.no Music and Society, Music Anthropology, Music Sociology, Music Journalism, Music and Media, Music History, Ethnomusicology, Jazz, Popular Music, Musicology
Picture of Hans T. Zeiner-Henriksen Zeiner-Henriksen, Hans T. Associate Professor +47 22 85 48 57 +47 480 59 723 h.t.zeiner-henriksen@imv.uio.no Popular Music, Music Production, Rhythm and Groove, Music History, Music and Movement, Music Technology