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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Merve Akca Akca, Merve Doctoral Research Fellow +4792272752 merve.akca@imv.uio.no Music Cognition, Music Psychology, Music and Movement, Musical Memory, Multisensory integration
Picture of Ximena Alarcón Diaz Alarcón Diaz, Ximena Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22854471 +47-40720243 x.a.diaz@imv.uio.no telematic sonic performance, deep listening, Sound Art, Sound Studies, sound aesthetics, Migration, improvisation
Picture of Stéphane Aubinet Aubinet, Stéphane Doctoral Research Fellow stephane.aubinet@imv.uio.no Anthropology of music, Popular Music, Music and Philosophy, Ethnomusicology, Nature/Culture, Music and nature, Sámi music
Picture of Georgina  Born Born, Georgina Professor II georgina.born@music.ox.ac.uk
Picture of Guilherme Schmidt Câmara Câmara, Guilherme Schmidt Doctoral Research Fellow +47 93 26 92 71 g.s.camara@imv.uio.no Microtiming, Empirical Musicology, Groove, Rhythm Analysis, Music Cognition, Audio Perception, P-Center Studies
Picture of Sofia  Dahl Dahl, Sofia Associate professor II sof@create.aau.dk
Erdem, Cagri Doctoral Research Fellow cagri.erdem@imv.uio.no
Picture of Tami Gadir Gadir, Tami Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22844146 tami.gadir@imv.uio.no Music and Society, Popular Music, Musicology, Music and Movement, Music Technology, Music and Media, Musical Aesthetics
Picture of Victor Evaristo Gonzalez Sanchez Gonzalez Sanchez, Victor Evaristo Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22844149 v.e.g.sanchez@imv.uio.no Motion analysis, Motion Capture, Biomechanics, Music and movement, Micromotion
Picture of Anja Nylund Hagen Hagen, Anja Nylund Postdoctoral Fellow +47-91164716 a.n.hagen@imv.uio.no Media and communication, Music and media, Popular culture, Social media, Mobile media, media technology, Media Use and Users, Media innovation, Media use among children and adolescents, Cultural history
Picture of Per Ole Hagen Hagen, Per Ole Lecturer +47 90102590 p.o.hagen@imv.uio.no
Picture of Kai Arne Hansen Hansen, Kai Arne PhD Candidate +47 22 84 49 09 k.a.hansen@imv.uio.no Popular Music, Music Analysis, Audiovisual Aesthetics, Music and Identity
Picture of Mari Romarheim Haugen Haugen, Mari Romarheim Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22844910 m.r.haugen@imv.uio.no Music Cognition, Music and Movement, Motion Capture, Motion Analysis, Rhythm and Groove
Picture of Ulf A. S. Holbrook Holbrook, Ulf A. S. Doctoral Research Fellow u.a.s.holbrook@imv.uio.no Composition, 3D sound, Sound installations, Music Technology, Music Cognition, Sound Theory, Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, Signal Processing, Programming
Picture of Tejaswinee Kelkar Kelkar, Tejaswinee Doctoral Research Fellow +47-45448254 +47-22854991 tejaswinee.kelkar@imv.uio.no Music Technology, Music and Movement, Cultural Music
Picture of Emil Kraugerud Kraugerud, Emil Doctoral Research Fellow emil.kraugerud@imv.uio.no Popular Music, Music Production, Music Technology, Music Analysis
Picture of Olivier Lartillot Lartillot, Olivier Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22854747 +47 966 81 210‬ olivier.lartillot@imv.uio.no
Picture of David Levin Levin, David Professor II dlevin@uchicago.edu
Picture of Áine  Mangaoang Mangaoang, Áine Postdoctoral Research Fellow +47 2285 4758 aine.mangaoang@imv.uio.no Nordic, Music and Media, Media, Cultural history, Musicology, Ethnomusicology, Music and Society, Popular Music, Music History
Picture of Kjell Andreas Oddekalv Oddekalv, Kjell Andreas Doctoral Research Fellow +47-95761557 kjellaod@student.hf.uio.no Music Analysis, Popular Music, Music Cognition, Microtiming, Musicology
Picture of Bjørnar Sandvik Sandvik, Bjørnar Doctoral Research Fellow bjornar.sandvik@imv.uio.no Music Technology, Popular Music, Music Analysis
Picture of Georgios Sioros Sioros, Georgios Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22854413 georgios.sioros@imv.uio.no
Picture of Tore Størvold Størvold, Tore Doctoral Research Fellow tore.storvold@imv.uio.no Iceland, Icelandic music, Music analysis, Popular music, Ecocriticism
Susdorf, Marek Doctoral Research Fellow marek.susdorf@imv.uio.no
Picture of Agata Zelechowska Zelechowska, Agata Doctoral Research Fellow agata.zelechowska@imv.uio.no Audio Perception, Micromotion, Music and Movement, Music and nature, Music Cognition, Music Psychology, Psychoacoustics, Rhythm and Groove