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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Merve Akca Akca, Merve Doctoral Research Fellow Music cognition, Music psychology, Auditory attention, Auditory memory, Voice processing
Picture of Stephane Vincent B Aubinet Aubinet, Stephane Vincent B Postdoctoral Fellow Ethnomusicology, Nature/Culture, Music and Philosophy, Music and nature, Practice as research
Picture of Nicholas David Yardley Ball Ball, Nicholas David Yardley Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Kristina Socanski Celik Celik, Kristina Socanski Doctoral Research Fellow Classical and Contemporary Music, Music History, Music Analysis, Liturgy
Picture of Cagri Erdem Erdem, Cagri Doctoral Research Fellow +47-41320109 Music Technology, HCI, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Improvisation
Picture of Daniel Fong Fong, Daniel Doctoral Research Fellow Music and Society, Queer Theory, Ethnomusicology, Music Education, Gender and sexuality
Picture of Victor Evaristo Gonzalez Sanchez Gonzalez Sanchez, Victor Evaristo Guest Researcher +47 46423790 Motion analysis, Signal processing, Performance, Biomechanics, Music and movement
Gudaitytė, Ieva Doctoral Research Fellow Radio cultures, Popular Music Studies, Sound Studies, Music and Politics.
Picture of Per Ole Hagen Hagen, Per Ole Lecturer +47 90102590
Picture of Mari Romarheim Haugen Haugen, Mari Romarheim Guest researcher Music Cognition, Music and Movement, Motion Capture, Motion Analysis, Rhythm and Groove
Picture of Henrik Herrebrøden Herrebrøden, Henrik Doctoral Research Fellow Cognitive Psychology, Mental effort, Attention
Picture of Eirik Jacobsen Jacobsen, Eirik Doctoral Research Fellow +4747275646 Popular Music, Music and Media, Technology, Music and Cultural Understanding, Music industry
Picture of Victoria Christine Årang Johnson Johnson, Victoria Christine Årang Senior Lecturer +4791723233 music technology, motion capture, performativity, Music and Cultural Understanding
Picture of Tejaswinee Kelkar Kelkar, Tejaswinee Associate Professor
Picture of Emil Kraugerud Kraugerud, Emil Postdoctoral Fellow Popular Music, Music Production, Music Technology, Music Analysis
Picture of Qichao Lan Lan, Qichao Doctoral Research Fellow Live Coding, Deep Learning, Music and Motion, Music Technology, Music Programming, SuperCollider
Picture of Sabine Liliana Leske Leske, Sabine Liliana Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Manon Louviot Louviot, Manon Postdoctoral Fellow Musicology, Music History, Medieval Studies, Renaissance studies
Picture of Áine  Mangaoang Mangaoang, Áine Researcher Music and Media, Musicology, Media, Popular Music, Cultural history, Ethnomusicology, Music and Society, Music History, Nordic, Social media
Picture of Remy Richard Martin Martin, Remy Richard Postdoctoral Fellow Musicology, Popular music, Music and Philosophy, Phenomenology, Perception, Music Cognition, Ethics
Picture of Veronika Muchitsch Muchitsch, Veronika Guest researcher Musicology, Popular Music, Popular Music Studies, Music and Media, music streaming, Gender and Feminist Studies
Picture of Kjell Andreas Oddekalv Oddekalv, Kjell Andreas Doctoral Research Fellow Music Analysis, Popular Music, Music Cognition, Microtiming, Musicology
Plath, Mirjana Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Martin Peter Pleiss Pleiss, Martin Peter Doctoral Research Fellow +46769792812 Phenomenology, Aesthetics, perception, virtual reality, novelty, orientation, meaning-making, 4E cognition, artwork, pupillometry
Picture of Bjørnar Sandvik Sandvik, Bjørnar Doctoral Research Fellow Popular Music, Music Technology, Music Analysis