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Annual Ibsen Lecture

The Centre for Ibsen Studies has since 2007 arranged an Annual Ibsen Lecture each fall.

About the lectures

The lecture series showcases major international figures who have engaged with Ibsen and his works from various perspectives. These presentations are free and open to students and the general public.

Previous lecturers


Narve Fulsås and Tore Rem
"Imagining Ibsen".


Sabiha Huq and Robert Malcolm McLaren
"Decolonizing Ibsen" Watch a video recording of the lecture here


Samuel Adamson
A discussion of his play Wife (2019), inspired by A Doll’s House


Joan Templeton
“Re-Reading The Quintessence of Ibsenism: The Psychological Shaw”
Based on her work on Shaw's Ibsen: A Re-Appraisal (2018)


Mark Sandberg
“Henrik Ibsen’s Bastard Architecture”
Based on his work on Ibsen's Houses (2015)


Narve Fulsås
“Ibsen’s Cultural Geography: Lessons for the Study of World Literature" Based on his work on Ibsen, Scandinavia and the Making of World Drama (2017, together with Tore Rem)


Thomas Ostermeier
“The Henrik Ibsen Lecture at the University of Oslo”
Read the lecture in Ibsen Studies no. 2/2010 (digital access for subscribers)


Erika Fischer-Lichte
"Interweaving Cultures in Performance“ / "The Concept of Performance“


Terry Eagleton
“Ibsen and the Nightmare of History”
Read the lecture in Ibsen Studies no. 1/2008 (digital access for subscribers)

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