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About the Centre for Ibsen Studies

Man in the middle and others around. Drawing.
Photo: Anders Bloch, Korsaren (1898)

The Centre for Ibsen Studies engages in multidisciplinary research and education on the nineteenth-century Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen.

History of the Centre

The Centre for Ibsen Studies is a research and teaching centre under the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies at the University of Oslo. Our research areas include:

  • textual studies
  • performance studies
  • reception studies
  • theatre history

The Centre is internationally oriented and a leader in digital humanities research. The Centre was founded on 10 December 1991 and the official opening took place on 7 May 1993.

Digital resources

Documentation and dissemination of information are key aspects of the Ibsen Centre’s mission. The centre hosts a wide range of digital resources on Ibsen’s life and works, all available at The Virtual Ibsen Centre: a complete online edition of Ibsen’s works, a database of all known performances of his plays, a synoptic view of translations, an international bibliography, and an Ibsen archive. 

The Ibsen Centre Library

The librarian at the Centre maintains the online Ibsen Bibliography and curates the world's most complete collection of books and articles relating to Ibsen Studies. Although this is not a lending library, visitors may access this material on the premises, including Ibsen’s works in the original and in translation.

Annual Ibsen Lectures

The Centre for Ibsen Studies has since 2007 arranged an Annual Ibsen Lecture each fall. The lecture series showcases major international figures who have engaged with Ibsen and his works from various perspectives. These presentations are free and open to students and the general public.

International Ibsen Committee

The members of the Ibsen Committee work together to arrange the International Ibsen Conference every three years in different countries.

Management at the Ibsen Centre

Head of Centre: Ellen Rees



Administrative manager: Ragnhild Schea


Mailing address

Centre for Ibsen Studies 1166 Blindern
0317 Oslo, Norway

Visiting address

Henrik Wergelands hus (2. floor)
Niels Henrik Abels vei 36
Blindern, Oslo

Annual Reports