Giuliano D'Amico

Associate Professor - Centre for Ibsen Studies
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Phone +47 22858689
Room HW 230
Visiting address Niels Henrik Abels vei 36 Henrik Wergelands hus 0313 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1166 Blindern 0317 Oslo

Academic interests

My research is mainly focused on Scandinavian literature from the 19th century up till today. My main research interests include the reception and translation history of Scandinavian authors like Henrik Ibsen, Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, August Strindberg and Knut Hamsun in Europe (especially England, France, Germany and Italy). In connection to these areas I have also developed an interest in copyright history and how it can be used for a better understanding of literary history. More recently, I have developed an interest in the academic study of Western esotericism and how it has influenced selected Scandinavian authors. At the moment I am working at a research project on the Ibsen reception by different branches of the Theosophical Society. 

Courses taught

Ibsen Studies (master's 2-years)

IBS2101/4101 – Ibsen's works: History, Text, Performance

IBS2205/4205 – New Perspectives in Ibsen Studies

IBS2210/4210 – Ibsen i praksis

Appointments and other projects

Co-editor of Ibsen Studies (2018-)

Secretary for The International Ibsen Committee (2018-2020)

Teaching coordinator at the Centre for Ibsen Studies (2018-2020)


Associate professor of Scandinavian literature, NTNU (2015-2017)

Associate professor of Scandinavian literature, Volda University College (2012-2015)

Post-doc, University of Oslo (2011-2012)

Ph.D. in comparative literature, University of Oslo (2008-2010)

Teacher of Scandinavian literature, University of Milan (2009-2011)

Teacher of Norwegian language and literature, University of Turin (2006-2011)


Research group The Materialities of the Modern Breakthrough 1870–1920 (NTNU)

Research project Literary Citizens of the World (National Library of Norway)

Tags: Ibsen, Scandinavian literature, Western esotericism, Translation Studies, History of the Book, Reception Studies, Sociology of Literature



2020        Tilbake til fremtiden. Håkan Sandell og den nordiske retrogardismen, Oslo, Scandinavian Academic Press, 331 p.

2013        Domesticating Ibsen for Italy. Enrico and Icilio Polese’s Ibsen Campaign, Bari, Edizioni di Pagina, 376 p.


Articles and book chapters

2019          “Solguden and Other Stories: Hamsun, Ibsen and Forgery”, Edda 4, p. 249–263.

2018          “Retrogardism and Occulture in Håkan Sandell’s Poetry”, in H. Johnsson og T. Bauduin (eds.), Occult Modernism: The Occult in   Modernist Art, Literature and Cinema, Palgrave Macmillan, p. 215–234.

2017          “Henrietta Frances Lord – Translating Ibsen for the Theosophical Movement”, Scandinavica 56.1, p. 96–122.

2016          “Henrik Ibsen und seine Agenten. Über acht bisher unbekannteVerträge zwischen Ibsen und Felix Bloch Erben» in J. Bjerring-Hansen, T. Jelsbak & M. Wenusch (eds.), Die skandinavische Moderne und Europa, Wiener Studien zur Skandinavistik 23, p. 99–119.

2015        “The Whole World is One Atom Station. Laxness, the Cold War, Postcolonialism and the Economic Crisis in Iceland”, Scandinavian Studies 87.4, p. 457–488.

2015        “Sinne, selvinnsikt og det politisk ukorrekte. Raseri av Cornelius Jakhelln”, in Massimo Ciaravolo et al. (eds.), Forme di narrazione autobiografica nelle letterature scandinave / Forms of autobiographical narration in Scandinavian literaturesFirenze University Press, p. 307–318.

2015        “Between Occultism and Drama: Henrik Ibsen and Aleister Crowley”, Nordlit 34, p. 95–103.

2014        “Six Points for a Comparative Ibsen Reception History”, Ibsen Studies 14.1, p. 4–37.

2014        “Editore-traditore? Knut Hamsun lest, oversatt og publisert av italienske neofascister”, Edda 114.1, p. 33–51.

2013        “Man ejer ikke Bøger, som man ejer Hus – Bjørnson og opphavsrett”, in Liv Bliksrud et al. (eds.), Den engasjerte kosmopolitt. Nye Bjørnson-studier, Oslo, Novus, p. 31–43.

2012          “Aleister Crowley reads Inferno. Towards an Occult Reception of Strindberg”, Scandinavian Studies 84.3, p. 323–346.

2011        “Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson e il dramma storico: un rapporto complesso”, in Massimo Ciaravolo and Andrea Meregalli (eds.), L’uso della storia nelle letterature nordiche. Le lingue nordiche tra storia e attualità, Milano, Istituto Editoriale Universitario Cisalpino, p. 69–88.

2010          “The Father in Strindberg’s French Self-Translation”, Edda 2, p. 125–140.

2009        “Fighting for the Cause of Ibsen: William Archer and the Translation of The Wild Duck”, Northern Studies 40, p. 82–101.

2008          “From Sentimentalism to Realism: Materials on the Early Italian Reception of A Bankruptcy by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson”, North-West Passage 5, p. 97–115.

2007        “Italians do it better? Four Nordic Reviews of Early Ibsen Performances in Italy”, North-West Passage 4, p. 129–146.

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  • D'Amico, Giuliano (2020). Tilbake til fremtiden. Håkan Sandell og den nordiske retrogardismen. Scandinavian Academic Press.  ISBN 9788230402498.  331 s.
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  • Jakhelln, Cornelius & D'Amico, Giuliano (2018). Jeg er mennesket. Dikt i naturlig utvalg. Cappelen Damm AS.  ISBN 9788202598877.  198 s.

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