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The Centre offers a two year Master programme in Ibsen Studies, and a number of Bachelor courses.

Why study Ibsen?

The courses and master programme give an in-depth understanding of the works of Henrik Ibsen and their cultural and historical context.

Students are given a unique opportunity to develop competencies in humanities research, critical thinking, and scholarly writing in a multicultural environment. The Centre attracts a highly diverse group of students from around the globe, and with widely different academic and professional backgrounds.

All courses are taught in English.



Ibsen Studies Master programme (two years)

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As a Bachelor student, you can attend single courses on Ibsen.

Learning resources and library services

Contact points for exchange students

Contact the International Student Reception for questions on:

  • Admission
  • Application process
  • Formal admission requirements
  • Renewal of residence permit
  • Registrations and semester fee

Contact the Student Information Centre for information on how to apply for:

  • Leave of absence
  • Part-time studies

Questions about studying at the Ibsen Centre?

Contact our Student Advisor Karianne Risvik Johnsen if you have questions on:

  • Courses offered in Ibsen Studies
  • Semester registration
  • Teaching Schedule
  • Submission of Master's Thesis