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Ibsen and the Modern Self (Acta Ibseniana)

Frode Helland, Kwok-kan Tam og Terry Siu-han Yip har samarbeidet om å redigere boken Ibsen and the Modern Self, som inneholder artikler fra Hong Kong-konferansen i 2008 med samme navn.

Open University of Hong Kong Press

The essays in this volume seek to place the Ibsenian self in the contexs of cultural changes amidst the rise of modernism and the experimentations with new ways of theatrical representation. Contributors to this volume are leading scholars and drama specialists from different parts of the world. Adopting critical approaches ranging from psycho-moral considerations to idelogy and gender studies, they highlight some of the latest reflections on the self as manifested in Ibsen's texts.


Contributors: Kristin Gjesdal, Asbjørn Aarseth, Knut Brynhildsvoll, Astrid Sæther, Ewa Partyga, Xie Qun, H. K. Riikonen, Mike Ingham, Lisa L. M. Wong, Xie Lanlan, Liu Yan, Julie Holledge, Camilla Chun-pai Hsieh, Jasminka Markovska, Andrew Parkin, Lin Wei-yu, Jessica Tsui Yan Li, Mitsuya Mori.

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