EEG training workshop

A one-day training workshop for the Socio-Cognitive Laboratory's new EEG device. The training will be provided by Lassi Juottonen, managing director of Clinilab. Open to registered participants only. 

Photo of woman with electrodes attached. From BrainProducts.

Photo: BrainProducts


Part 1: Introduction to the system

9.30-9.45: Welcome, general overview

9.45-11.15: General presentation of Brain Products and Clinilab 

System overview:

  1. Acti64Champ-amplifier
  2. Active electrodes and caps
  3. Sensors (temperature, gsr, etc)
  4. TriggerBox
  5. StimTrak
  6. EP-PreAmp
  7. Recorder and Analyzer software
  8. Gel and recording supplies

11.15-12.00: Routines of EEG recording and electrode preparation & cap handling

Part 2: Hands-on training

13.00-16.00 Electrode and cap handling; Hands-on training and real recording

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Minna Lehtonen
Published Nov. 28, 2018 6:03 PM - Last modified Dec. 4, 2018 3:55 PM