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Election to the Faculty Board at the Faculty of Humanities

Election to the Faculty Board for students and temporary academic staff will be held 6 - 10 December 2021.

Candidate nomination

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The nomination deadline for candidates is 8. November 2021.

Nominations must be sent to and be signed by at least the same number as the number of candidates nominated. A copy to the nominators of the nomination email is accepted as signature.

The nominated as well as the nominators must hold the right to vote in the faculty board election and in the relevant constituency.

In the autumn of 2021 election is held in 2 of 4 constituencies: among students (3 representatives and 3 deputy representatives) and among temporary academic staff (1 representative and 2 deputy representatives).

Right to vote

In order to be eligible for election, a nominee must hold the right to vote in the election.

The following staff and students hold the right to vote: 

  • Staff in at least 50 % position and Professor II at the faculty employed at the day of voting. The Election Board has decided that Associate Professors II and University Lecturer II hold the same right to vote as Professor II.
  • Students registered at HF for the autumn term 2020.

Election board

The faculty’s election board is responsible for implementation of the election.

Announcement of candidates

The names of the candidates and nominators as well as election platforms will be published at the Norwegian web pages after the nomination deadline.


The Faculty Board at the Faculty of Humanities

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