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The research at the Centre for Philosophy and Science lies at the intersection of the humanities and the sciences. We specifically focus on topics regarding mathematics, life, and language.


We believe that many important areas of research require the integration of the methods of the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities.

Uniting humanities and the sciences

We employ formal, experimental, historical and philosophical approaches to make progress on questions that are both foundational and of societal relevance. We especially believe that a dialogue between humanities and the sciences will benefit the research topics of mathematics, life, and language, therefore this is our main focus.

Promoting interdisciplinary teamwork

Working in integrated research groups, we also provide a research platform that offers tools and network opportunities in order to facilitate a fruitful dialogue between the humanities and the natural sciences.


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We address foundational issues in the philosophy of mathematics and the application of mathematical tools in other disciplines.


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Investigating questions regarding fact and value, knowledge and expertise, and individual and society, at the intersection of the humanities and the life sciences.


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Looking into central topics at the interface of linguistics, psychology, and philosophy.