New Podcast on Environmental and Climate History

Archeologists and historians share research and insight on Norwegian environmental and climate history in a new podcast with seven episodes produced by

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Photo: UiO. Professor in history Erling Sandmo (left) with host Anders Brenna and professor in social anthropology Thomas Hylland Eriksen during the recording of the last episode in the series.

"We will not, nor can we, repeat what the people of the past have done before us", says Ellen Cathrine Lund, adjunct professor and head of at the University of Oslo. However, we need historical insight and understanding to solve today's problems.

In January 2020, Norgeshistorie launched a new podcast series on Norwegian climate and environmental history with academics from a wide field of disciplines.

Scientists provide historical insight into the climate issue

"Listening to archeologists, historians and researchers talking about how people have reacted to their surroundings in sustainable and non-sustainable ways can provide direction for the future", says Lund.

Anders Brenna is the program manager and leads the discussion between expert guests from University of Oslo and several of the country's universities.

"The expert guests share knowledge and stories that will surely give listeners valuable insight", Brenna promises.

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Seven episodes

Among the topics discussed are what today's youth can learn from the first environmental activists in Norway, past climate change in Norway and climate friendly agriculture.

"What people ate in the Middle Ages and how people have changed their diet over time is interesting and tells us that current eating habits are not the only ones possible", Brenna points out.

In the podcast, you can also hear dialogues about the use of the sea as a natural resource. The blue economy has long historical roots in Norway.

"The expert guests give fascinating answers to the questions and point out connections between many themes and views on nature that people have had in the past had", says Ellen Cathrine Lund.


Expert guests include Professor of Social Anthropology Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Professor of History Erling Sandmo, Professor of History Kristin Asdal, Professor Emeritus of Climate Strategy Jørgen Randers, Professor Emeritus Reidar Almås, Professor of Economic History Einar Lie, Professor of Economic History Christine Myrvang, Professor of Archeology Marianne Vedeler, Professor of History Hilde Sandvik, Professor of History Finn Erhard Johannessen, Professor of Environmental History Dominik Collet, Professor of Archeology Per Ditlef Fredriksen, Associate Professor of History Sunniva Engh, Associate Professor in Cultural History Karen Lykke Syse, Postdoctoral Fellow Hilde Reinertsen, and Per Fredrik Ilsaas Pharo from the Norwegian Ministry of Environment.


Find more information and listen to the podcast on Norgeshistorie, iTunes, Spotify or other podcast platforms. Program presenter: Anders Brenna. Producer: Ellen Cathrine Lund.

Published Feb. 19, 2020 4:52 PM - Last modified Mar. 10, 2020 11:10 AM