Communication Officer

Follow your passions without losing track of the practicalities involved in making a career afterwards, says Liv Jorun Andenes. She holds a master’s degree in Culture, Environment and Sustainability, and works with communication at The City of Oslo's Agency for Urban Environment.

Liv Jorun Andenes

- What are the most important aspects of your job?

– My office is in charge of implementing Oslo’s ambitious bicycle strategy, where the main goal is a bicycle modal share of 25 percent by 2025. Planning and executing campaigns to inspire the citizens of Oslo to cycle more are among my main tasks, and also handling traditional and social media relations. I also run communication in our other projects, like building bicycle infrastructure, doing pilots and R&D.

- What do you like best about your job?

– It makes up the perfect combination of my interest in and dedication to urban cycling with my communication skills. It's highly rewarding to contribute into making Oslo a greener and more livable city, and it’s inspiring to see the number of cyclists grow every year.

How is the education from The Faculty of Humanities relevant in this job?

– It is very relevant, especially since I did my thesis on the subject of bicycle commuting in Oslo. The thesis gave me valuable theoretical insights in social practices, mobility and bicycle urbanism, and gave me a good overview of the situation in Oslo. I already had relevant education and work experience in the field of communication, and got my current job before I finished the master's programme.

- What’s your best tip for new students who are concerned about their job opportunities after graduation?

– My (more or less conscious) strategy was to choose education and master's thesis topic on the basis of both personal interests and work opportunities in the city where I wanted to live. My best tip is therefore to follow your passions without losing track of the practicalities involved in making a career afterwards.

By Torunn Nyland, Career and Employability Coordinator HF
Published Mar. 8, 2017 1:48 PM - Last modified Aug. 11, 2017 9:55 AM