Political adviser

The most important thing I learned at the Faculty of Humanities is interdisciplinary thinking and the ability to look at an issue from more than one perspective, says Sara.

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Sara Rydland Nærum

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- What are the most important tasks involved in your job?

- To stay informed about political debate locally and nationally, and write responses to consultation rounds and input to topics that are relevant for this field (sexual and reproductive health and rights). To communicate and share the work and experience of “Sex and Society” with decision-makers, collaboration partners, media and the foundation’s target groups.

- What do you like best about your job?

- The opportunity to work with an exciting and important area, to have a varied job and competent colleagues.

- In what way is the education from The Faculty of Humanities relevant in this job?

- The most important thing I brought with me from the Faculty of Humanities is the interdisciplinary approach and the ability to see matters in light of more than one discipline, rather than working within a confined and limited mindset that hinders other people from seeing the relevance of your work/Field.

- What’s your best advice for new students who are concerned about their job opportunities after graduation?

- Make sure to pursue subjects that interest you. If you fail to find a job immediately, spend your time as a volunteer in organizations that are active in a field that you find interesting, and/or acquire an attractive supplementary skill that will let potential employers more easily see how you can apply your knowledge in practice.

By Torunn Nyland, Career and Employability Coordinator HF
Published Apr. 5, 2016 2:35 PM - Last modified July 1, 2022 1:03 PM