Programme Consultant

“Without my semester in India I would have had neither the language skills nor the network that I have today,” says Tora Toreng, who has a Bachelor’s degree in South Asian Culture and Society with Hindu and works for Norec (FK Norway).

Tora Toreng

- What are the most important aspects of your job?

– At Norec/FK Norway I am involved in the administrative procedures relating to academic exchanges and acting as a consultant for our partner organisations, as well as organising courses for our partners and the various peace corps.

- What do you like best about your job?

– Meeting people from all over the world. The Norec/FK Norway partners use the mutual exchange of volunteers and employees in order to develop their own organisations. Behind these exchanges are above-average, passionate people who are involved in working to strengthen the involvement of young people and human rights, and reduce climate change and inequality in their local communities. It is a privilege to work with these people - that is the best thing about my job.

How is the education from The Faculty of Humanities relevant in this job?

– During my work for Norec/FK Norway I follow up mutual exchange projects between civilian organisations. Most of the projects which I follow up are in Asia. This is where the area studies relating to South Asia and Hindi are an advantage. They help me to better understand the context of our joint venture partners in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Hindi helps me to communicate both with the participants from these countries who are on exchanges elsewhere and with their partner organisations.

- What’s your best tip for new students who are concerned about their job opportunities after graduation?

– India studies provide you with unique skills which are of interest to many employers. Good linguistic skills and an understanding of the social structure in one of the most powerful countries in the world are something that we need more of in Norway. And not least: “go on an exchange visit!"

By Torunn Nyland, Career and Employability Coordinator HF
Published Oct. 11, 2018 6:51 PM - Last modified Mar. 11, 2021 2:32 PM