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Picture of Marie Amundsen Amundsen, Marie Researcher +47 22841940 marie.amundsen@iakh.uio.no Gold, technology, craft, material culture, Early Iron Age, Roman Iron Age, Migration Period, landscape
Picture of Signe Barfoed Barfoed, Signe Postdoctoral Fellow signe.barfoed@iakh.uio.no
Picture of Stine Urke Brunstad Brunstad, Stine Urke s.u.brunstad@iakh.uio.no PhD candidate archaeology, Iron Age, Runology, Archaeology, Theory and method, Viking Age
Picture of Hallvard Nikolai Bruvoll Bruvoll, Hallvard Nikolai Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22850360 h.n.bruvoll@iakh.uio.no PhD candidate archaeology, Archaeology, Neolithic, Settlement patterns, Fractals
Picture of Katherine Burlingame Burlingame, Katherine Postdoctoral Fellow +47 46126239 katherine.burlingame@iakh.uio.no Cultural heritage, Cultural landscapes, Tourism, Phenomenology, Landscape Geography, Storytelling, Creative Writing, qualitative research methodologies, Environmental Humanities, Environmental and Landscape Archaeology
Picture of Aljasil Chirakkal Chirakkal, Aljasil Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22841949 aljasil.chirakkal@iakh.uio.no Anthropology, Archaeology, Environmental and Landscape Archaeology, Palaeoecology, Paleogeography
Picture of Sofie Scheen Jahnsen Jahnsen, Sofie Scheen Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22841946 s.s.jahnsen@iakh.uio.no Archaeology, Museums and Museology, Heritage Studies
Picture of Lorenza La Rosa La Rosa, Lorenza Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22841907 lorenza.la.rosa@iakh.uio.no Archaeology, Classical Archaeology, Material Culture, Environmental and Landscape Archaeology, PhD candidate archaeology
Picture of Marianne Moen Moen, Marianne Senior Adviser +47 99889630 marianne.moen@iakh.uio.no Archaeology
Picture of Felix Riede Riede, Felix Professor II f.riede@cas.au.dk Environmental Humanities, Archaeology, Climate Crisis, volcano, Palaeography
Picture of Isak Roalkvam Roalkvam, Isak Doctoral Research Fellow isak.roalkvam@iakh.uio.no
Picture of Lisbeth Skogstrand Skogstrand, Lisbeth Researcher +47 95906508 lisbeth.skogstrand@iakh.uio.no Archaeology, Iron Age, Bronze Age, Gender, Identity, Burial rites, Theory and method
Picture of Kaja Hannedatter Sontum Sontum, Kaja Hannedatter Senior Lecturer +47 22841910 +47 91740072 k.h.sontum@iakh.uio.no Archaeology, Identity politics, Heritage, Contemporary archaeology, PhD candidate archaeology
Picture of Alexa Deanne Spiwak Spiwak, Alexa Deanne Doctoral Research Fellow 46114950 a.d.spiwak@iakh.uio.no archaeology, industrial archaeology, contemporary archaeology, historical archaeology, quarrying, conservation, Anthropocene
Picture of Vibeke Maria Viestad Viestad, Vibeke Maria Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22841904 v.m.viestad@iakh.uio.no Archaeology, Dress, Rock Art, Hunter-gatherers, Museum collections, Knowledge production, Southern African Archaeology