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Picture of Per Ditlef Fredriksen Fredriksen, Per Ditlef Professor +47 22841911 +4791126749 p.d.fredriksen@iakh.uio.no Archaeology, Iron Age, Southern African Archaeology, Theory, Method, Ethnoarchaeology, Critical Heritage Studies
Picture of Ingrid Fuglestvedt Fuglestvedt, Ingrid Professor +47-22841941 ingrid.fuglestvedt@iakh.uio.no Archaeology, Stone Age, Theory and method
Picture of Martin Furholt Furholt, Martin Professor +47 22841913 martin.furholt@iakh.uio.no Archaeology, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Social History, Politics, Semiotics
Picture of Søren Handberg Handberg, Søren Associate Professor +47 22841909 soren.handberg@iakh.uio.no Classical Archaeology, Archaeology, Cultural history, Greek and Roman History
Picture of Lotte Hedeager Hedeager, Lotte Professor +47 22841936 +4745517171 lotte.hedeager@iakh.uio.no Archaeology, Iron Age
Picture of Julie Lund Lund, Julie Associate Professor +47 22841941 julie.lund@iakh.uio.no Archaeology, Viking Age
Picture of Unn Pedersen Pedersen, Unn Associate Professor +47 22841999 unn.pedersen@iakh.uio.no Archaeology, Viking Age, Medieval Studies, Material culture, Craft
Picture of Þóra Pétursdóttir Pétursdóttir, Þóra Associate Professor +47-22841948 +47-92077735 thora.petursdottir@iakh.uio.no Archaeology, Archaeological theory, Contemporary archaeology, Cultural heritage, Environmental Humanities
Picture of Vibeke Maria Viestad Viestad, Vibeke Maria Senior Lecturer +47 22841904 +4741467354 v.m.viestad@iakh.uio.no Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Material Culture, Southern Africa, Museums and Museology, Dress and Body, Dress and Culture, Indigenous Peoples, Ethnicity, Identity
Picture of David Wright Wright, David Professor +47 22841942 david.wright@iakh.uio.no Archaeology, Archaeometry, Environmental and Landscape Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, Geographic Information Systems