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Associate Professor - Archaeology
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Phone +47 22841941
Visiting address IAKH Arkeologiseksjonen Blindernveien 11 0371 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1008 Blindern 0316 Oslo

Academic Interests

I study the Late Iron Age and the Middle Ages of Scandinavia by using historical archaeological method, exploring the interplay between material culture and text, in particular the Old Norse written sources. I have worked on the acts of wetland depositions in the Viking Age and on the layers of meaning related to the cognitive landscape of the Viking Age. In my current research I focus on changes in mentalities and world-views of Pagan and Christian Scandinavia, diverging concepts of personhood and ideas of corporality, and varying ways of relating to the past or to pasts; in other words fundamental aspects of ontology. These perspectives are based on landscape analyses, on the studies of graves, including locations of grave yards, the use of heirlooms, and the relationship between wholeness and fragmentation in the burial customs, on the deposition of artefacts and on the relations between the inscriptions, choice of location and the materiality of rune stones from Scandinavia a. 700-1150 AD.


2016-2020 Project leader on "Using the Past in the Past. Viking Age Scandinavia as a Renaissance?" financed by the Research Council of Norway (RCN) as Young Researcher Talent.











Ph.d. in archaeology, University of Oslo, 2009. Mag.art. in prehistoric archaeology, Copenhagen University 2004, BA in prehistoric archaeology, Copenhagen University 1997. A,B,C and D course in Medieval Archaeology (including C-D course thesis), Lunds University, 2001, D course in archaeology (including D course thesis), Lunds University 1998

Tags: Archaeology, Viking Age


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  • Lund, Julie (2021). Creating Relations through Time and Synchronising Pasts in Viking Age Scandinavia.
  • Lund, Julie (2021). Creating Relations through Time in Viking Age Societies. Using Pasts in the Past.
  • Lund, Julie (2019). Kerbing Relations. Affecting By Using Pasts.
  • Lund, Julie (2018). Plenar discussion.
  • Lund, Julie (2018). Time and Temporality: Viking Age Scandinavia as a Renaissance?.
  • Lund, Julie & Melheim, Anne Lene (2018). On temporality and the withdrawal of inalienable valuables. The Vestby hoard revisited.
  • Lund, Julie (2016). Relating to Pasts and Creating Places of Commemoration in Viking Age Scandinavia.
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  • Lund, Julie (2014). Animated objects of the Viking Age – and some Christian parallels.
  • Lund, Julie (2014). Converting Ideas of the Body.
  • Lund, Julie (2012). Fragmenter og helheder i kristningsprocessen i Skandinavien.
  • Lund, Julie (2011). Looking for something particular? In search of heirlooms in graves, poetry and sagas.
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