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1971           B.S. New York University

1978           Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University

1989-97      Prof, History & Science Studies, UC-San Diego

1991-93      Director, Science Studies, UC-San Diego

1994           Segerstedt Chair History of Higher Education, Uppsala 

1997-00      Researcher, Forum for University History, Univ. Oslo

2000-09      Prof, History of Science, Humanities, Univ.Oslo

2004           Fellow, Inst. of Advanced Studies, Univ of Bologna

2009           Tetelman Fellow, J. Edwards College, Yale University

2010-          Professor, IAKH, UiO

2011-13      Associate Research Scholar, Johns Hopkins Univ

2011-13      Prof II, Institute for historie, Univ Tromsø

2015           Fellow, M. Planck Inst f Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Berlin

2016           Djerassi Resident Artist Program, Woodside, CA

Faglige kompetanseområder

  • Vitenskaps- og kunnskapshistorie
  • universitetshistorie
  • polarhistorie
  • kulturhistorie
  • formidling gjennom drama
  • historisk kunnskapssosiologi


  • L. J.Battan Author's Prize (for Appropriating the Weather), American Meteorological Society (1993)
  • J. Neumann Memorial Prize (for Appropriating the Weather), Royal Meteorological Society (1995)
  • One of the 10 most outstanding books of the year (for  The Politics of Excellence) China Reading Weekly (2005)
  • Lise Meitner Prize for contributions to the advancement of physics (for The Politics of Excellence &  “Remembering Miss Meitner”) Gothenburg & Chalmers Technical Universities (2006)
  • Tetelman Fellow, Jonathan Edwards College, Yale University, for communicating insight into natural science (2009)
  • Public Outreach Prize [Formidlingspris], University of Oslo (2015)
  •  Appropriating the Weather named one of eight classics of 20th-century European history of science by History of Science Society (2018)

Pågående og planlagte forsknings- og formidlingsprosjekter ved IAKH

  • "Banned in Berlin" - a research-based theater play about politics, science, and friendship in Weimar Republic (workshops being planned in London and New York)
  • "Recordando a Lise Meitner: Drama de un acto sobre la ciencia y la traicióna" Spanish production planned for Theatre Rialto in Valencia, March 2021 including round table discussion on women in science at opening. Collaboration with physicists at Instituto de Física Corpuscular and CRIT  Companyia de Teatre with support from La Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología and Institut Valencià de Cultura.
  • Einstein and the Nobel Committee: a follow-up of Nature article (1981) and subsequent publications, bringing new insight into the Nobel Committee for Physics' refusal to recognize Einstein's relativity theories (to be submitted to Nature)
  • Victor Moritz Goldschmidt: Immigrant, Refugee, Scientist.  NFR Proforsk. Research-based dramatization using multi-media and social media.  
  • "Lise Meitner: A Moral Researcher's Struggles" Research-based screenplay for an animated film about science, gender, and values." Riksbankens Jubileumsfond 
  • “Splitting Atoms/Disturbing History: Science, gender, and values at the dawn of the nuclear era” Includes text of “Remembering Miss Meitner”.  Book contract with Johns Hopkins University Press.
Emneord: Historie, Vitenskapshistorie, kunnskapshistorie, Universitetshistorie, Polarhistorie


  • "Nobel physics prize in perspective." Nature, 292 1981. 793-798.
  • Appropriating the Weather: Vilhelm Bjerknes and the Construction of a Modern Meteorology.
    Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 1989; 1993.
  • The Expeditions of Harald Ulrik Sverdrup: Contexts for Shaping an Ocean Science. La Jolla, CA: Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 1994.
  • "Civilization and national honour: The rise of Norwegian geophysical and cosmic science." Making Sense of Space: A History of Norwegian Space Activities. ed., J. P. Collett. Oslo: Scandinavian Universities Press, 1995. 3-39.
  • The Politics of Excellence: Behind the Nobel Prize in Science. New York: Freeman & Times Books, Henry Holt & Co., 2001. 400 pp. Chinese edition: Shanghai, 2005.
  • "Nansenismen" og "Å spise kirsbær med de store". Norsk Polarhistorie, Bind II Vitenskapene. eds., E.-A. Drivenes & H.D. Jølle. Oslo: Gyldendal, 2004. 107-174, 331-420.
  • Remembering Miss Meitner Drama. Göteborgs Stadsteater (2004-2010) og Radioteatern, Sveriges Radio (2004, 2006). Gjestespill, bl.a. Yale University (2009) & Maxim Gorki Theatre, Berlin (2010). Flere profesjonelle forestillinger på engelsk og italiensk.
  • Ricordando Lise Meitner: Dramma in un atto di scienza e tradimento. Bologna: Edizioni Pendragon, 2005.
  • Becoming Albert Einstein Drama. Forestillinger i Bergen og Oslo, 2005.
  • “Prestigieux dès sa naissance.” La Recherche, ‘Les prix Nobel.’  423, Oct 2008. 28-33.
  • “Making the Aurora Norwegian: Science and Image in the Making of a Tradition.” Interdisciplinary Science Reviews. 2010, 35 (1): 52-70.
  • '"Et forjættende symbol': Aulen,universitetet og folket". I: Edvard Munchs aulamalerier. Fra kontroversielt prosjekt til nasjonalskatt. Messel Forlag, 2011: 25-45
  • "Amundsen vs Nansen" Skuespill. Hålogaland Teater. 2011
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  • "Has the Swedish Academy of Sciences...seen nothing, heard nothing, and understood nothing?" The First World War, Biased Neutrality, and the Nobel Prizes in Science. Neutrality in Twentieth-Century Europe. Intersections of Science, Culture, and Politics after the First World War.  ed. Sven Widmalm, Rebecka Letteval, Geert Somsen. Routledge Studies in Cultural History. Routledge. 2012.  90-114.
  • Strategic Arctic Science: National Interests in Building Natural Knowledge – Interwar through Cold War”.  With R.E. Doel, Julia Lajus, Sverker Sörlin, Urban Wråkberg. Journal of Historical Geography. 2014. 44. 60-80.  
  • "Transcendence (Einstein, Planck & Kafka vs Time, Space & Conventions)" Drama. The English Theatre-Berlin/International Performing Arts Centre, 2015/16.

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  • Friedman, Robert Marc (2019). "Fortid og drama: En balanse kunst. En diskusjon mellom Erik Poppe, Kjetil Bang-Hansen og Robert Marc Friedman".
  • Friedman, Robert Marc (2019). "Renewing the Legacy: Fridtjof Nansen and the Fram Expedition" Keynote Lecture at the launch of the 19-nation Arctic-climate-research expedition with the German "Polarstern"..
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  • Friedman, Robert Marc (2018). "From 'Transcendence' to 'Banned in Berlin': Theory and practice in dramatizing history of science".
  • Friedman, Robert Marc (2018). "Moseley and the politics of Nobel excellence", In Russell G. Egdell; Roy MacLeod & Elizabeth Bruton (ed.),  For Science, King & Country: The Life and Legacy of Henry Moseley..  Uniform Press for Unicorn Publishing Group.  ISBN 978-1-910500-71-2.  Chapter 6..  s 136 - 154
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  • Friedman, Robert Marc (2017). "Birkeland Jubileum: Historie forfalskning i merkevarebyggings navn?".
  • Friedman, Robert Marc (2017, 16. februar). "Det er ingen tvil om at Jacob Bjerknes pekte ut mål for atombomben. Men jeg tviler på om han visste hva han var med på".  Dagbladet.
  • Friedman, Robert Marc (2017). "How Nobel favorites have fared". Physics today.  ISSN 0031-9228.
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  • Friedman, Robert Marc (2016). "Transcendence".

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