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Room 641
Visiting address Blindernveien 31 Georg Morgenstiernes hus 0313 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1020 Blindern 0315 OSLO

Research project

My contribution to the research project The Legacy of Birgitta of Sweden: Women, Politics, and Reform in Renaissance Italy deals specifically with the political meaning of female prophecy in early modern times. I am investigaing the impact of Birgitta of Sweden’s Revelationes on women’s prophetic experience in the first four decades of the sixteenth century, when Birgitta’s fortune was rich and majestic. I am focusing on three case studies, i.e. Domenica Narducci of Paradiso (1473-1533), Caterina Mattei of Racconigi (1486-1547), and Paola Antonia Negri (1508-1555), which shed light on an important part of the reception and re-mediation of both Birgitta’s writings and her prophetic model itself. The analysis of the case studies, which present very clear connections with the figure of Birgitta, will be a first step towards a fuller reconstruction of the more general picture of the widespread influence of Birgittine ideas on the Italian thought as a whole before the Counter-Reformation.

Academic interests

  • English political thought in early modern era, with a focus on women’s political discourse and the origin of the public sphere
  • Constitutional history
  • The concept of prophecy and female prophetism in Renaissance and early modern Europe
  • Western political theology in sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
  • Contemporary feminist theory
  • Marxian theory


  • 2018 Post-doc research grant at the Edith Saurer Foundation (Austria)

Project: From Public Authority to Private Marginality? Early Modern Women Prophets in Italy and England

  • 2018 Post-doc scholarship at the Filippo Burzio Foundation (Italy)

Project: Witch and Saint. Caterina Mattei and Female Prophecy in Early Modern Piedmont

  • 2016 PhD in Politics, Institutions and History, Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Bologna

Dissertation: Between God and the Public Sphere. Mary Astell in English Constitutional History

  • 2012 MA degree in International Relations, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Bologna

Thesis: Social Citizenship in Feminist Contemporary Reflection

  • 2009 BA degree in International Studies, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Bologna

Thesis: Security and Securitization: Changes in Political Discourse

Positions held

  • Member of the editorial board of the academic journal "Scienza & Politica. Per una storia delle dottrine"
  • Referee for the academic journal "Storia del pensiero politico"

Scholarships and grants

  • January 2018 Grant for collaborative projects provided by the Academy for Global Humanities and Critical Theories.
  • June-July 2017 Sovereignty and Social Movements. Summer School in Global Studies and Critical Theories, University of Bologna.
  • September 2011 Liberty/Liberation. Summer School of the Italian Society of Women Historians, Centro Studi Fiesole, Florence.
  • November 2011 'From generation to generation. Italian women from the Unification up to today', University of Florence.
Tags: History of ideas


(2019) La strega di Dio. Profezia politica, storia e riforma in Caterina da Racconigi (1486-1547), Roma: Aracne, submitted

(2019) Mary Astell. La costituzione dell’individuo moderno tra politica e teologia, Macerata: EUM, forthcoming

With Ferrari R., (2019) Il fermento femminile. Marx e la critica del patriarcato, in Global Marx, ed. by M. Ricciardi and M. Battistini, Bologna: Quaderni di Scienza & Politica, forthcoming

(2019), Nemici di Chiesa, Stato e patriarcato. Donne e dissenzienti nel Seicento inglese, in Il mito del nemico. Identità, alterità e le loro Rappresentazioni, ed. by I. Graziani and M. V. Spissu, Bologna: Minerva, pp. 121-126

(2018), Mattei, Caterina in Dizionario di eretici, dissidenti e inquisitori nel mondo mediterraneohttp://www.ereticopedia.org/caterina-mattei

with Ferrari R. (2016), Il discorso femminista. Storia e critica del canone politico moderno, Scienza & Politica. Per una storia delle dottrine, Vol. 28, 54, 5-21

(2015), Remarkable Women in a Remarkable Age. Sulla genesi della sfera pubblica inglese, 1642-1752, Scienza & Politica. Per una storia delle dottrine, Vol. XXVII, 52, 105-134

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