History of Ideas

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Picture of Christine Amadou Amadou, Christine Associate Professor +47-22856146 christine.amadou@ifikk.uio.no History of ideas
Picture of Haakon Andreas Bekeng-Flemmen Bekeng-Flemmen, Haakon Andreas Doctoral Research Fellow +47 926 68 922 h.a.bekeng-flemmen@ifikk.uio.no interwar period, history of ideas, intellectual history, norwegian intellectual history, psychoanalysis, culture wars
Picture of Thomas Brodahl Brodahl, Thomas Doctoral Research Fellow thomas.brodahl@ifikk.uio.no
Picture of Francesca Canepuccia Canepuccia, Francesca Doctoral Research Fellow francesca.canepuccia@ifikk.uio.no
Picture of Eleonora Cappuccilli Cappuccilli, Eleonora Postdoctoral Fellow eleonora.cappuccilli@ifikk.uio.no
Picture of Line Cecilie Engh Engh, Line Cecilie Associate Professor +47-22841684 l.c.engh@ifikk.uio.no Intellectual History, Medieval Studies
Picture of Håkon Evju Evju, Håkon Associate Professor +47-22857211 hakon.evju@ifikk.uio.no History of ideas, Economy, Politics
Picture of Unn Falkeid Falkeid, Unn Professor +47-22856056 +47 99568527 unn.falkeid@ifikk.uio.no History of Ideas, Intellectual history, Renaissance studies, Humanism, Early Modern Women, Book History, Gender Studies
Picture of Jan-Erik Ebbestad Hansen Hansen, Jan-Erik Ebbestad Professor Emeritus +47-22856056 j.e.e.hansen@ifikk.uio.no History of ideas
Picture of Anne Helness Helness, Anne Lecturer +47-22855991 anne.helness@ifikk.uio.no History of ideas, Early Modern knowledge making, Renaissance humanism, European intellectual history, Travel Writing
Hervé, Sarah Camille Doctoral Research Fellow s.c.herve@ifikk.uio.no History of ideas
Picture of Joel Johansson Johansson, Joel Doctoral Research Fellow joel.johansson@ifikk.uio.no History of ideas, youth, National identity
Picture of Emil Nicklas Johnsen Johnsen, Emil Nicklas Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22855399 e.n.johnsen@ifikk.uio.no History of ideas
Picture of Ellen Krefting Krefting, Ellen Professor +47-22841064 ellen.krefting@ifikk.uio.no History of ideas, Intellectual history, Early modern history, Enlightenment, Public sphere, Freedom of speech and democracy, Gender Studies
Krogh, Thomas Professor Emeritus +47-22857211 thomas.krogh@ifikk.uio.no History of ideas
Picture of Ingrid Margareta Markussen Markussen, Ingrid Margareta Professor Emeritus i.m.markussen@ifikk.uio.no History of ideas
Picture of Thor Inge Rørvik Rørvik, Thor Inge Lecturer +47-22854916 t.i.rorvik@ifikk.uio.no History of ideas
Picture of Espen Schaanning Schaanning, Espen Professor +47-22856101 95943656 +47 95943656 espen.schaanning@ifikk.uio.no History of ideas, Punishment, French Enlightenment, The Scout Movement
Picture of Per Strømholm Strømholm, Per Professor Emeritus per.stromholm@ifikk.uio.no History of ideas
Picture of Reidar Aasgaard Aasgaard, Reidar Professor +47-22854917 reidar.aasgaard@ifikk.uio.no Art History