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History of Ideas

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Picture of Christine Amadou Amadou, Christine Professor +47 22856146 98643159 History of ideas
Picture of Thomas Brodahl Brodahl, Thomas History of ideas
Picture of Francesca Canepuccia Canepuccia, Francesca Doctoral Research Fellow History of ideas
Picture of Eleonora Cappuccilli Cappuccilli, Eleonora +47 41361946 History of ideas
Carinci, Eleonora Postdoktor
Picture of Line Cecilie Engh Engh, Line Cecilie Førsteamanuensis +47 22841684 Intellectual History, Medieval Studies
Picture of Håkon Evju Evju, Håkon Associate Professor +47 22857211 History of ideas, Economy, Politics
Picture of Unn Falkeid Falkeid, Unn Professor +47 22856056 +47 99568527 History of Ideas, Intellectual history, Renaissance studies, Humanism, Early Modern Women, Book History, Gender Studies
Picture of Jan-Erik Ebbestad Hansen Hansen, Jan-Erik Ebbestad Professor Emeritus +47 22856056 History of ideas
Picture of Anne Helness Helness, Anne Lecturer +47 22855991 History of ideas, Early Modern knowledge making, Renaissance humanism, European intellectual history, Travel Writing
Picture of Sarah Camille Herve Herve, Sarah Camille Lecturer History of ideas
Picture of Joel Johansson Johansson, Joel Stipendiat History of ideas, Youth, National identity, History of emotions, Urban history, Rural history, Cultural heritage
Picture of Ellen Marie Krefting Krefting, Ellen Marie Professor +47 22841064 History of ideas, Intellectual history, Early modern, Enlightenment, Public sphere, Freedom of speech and democracy, Gender Perspectives, Historiography, Denmark-Norway
Picture of Ingrid Margareta Markussen Markussen, Ingrid Margareta Professor Emeritus History of ideas
Picture of Thorbjørn Nordbø Nordbø, Thorbjørn Stipendiat +47 22844331 +47 97675451 Organizational development, Research support
Picture of Thor Inge Rørvik Rørvik, Thor Inge Lecturer +47 22854916 History of ideas
Picture of Espen Schaanning Schaanning, Espen Professor +47 22856101 +4795943656 +47 95943656 History of ideas, Punishment, French Enlightenment, The Scout Movement, School history, Pacifism
Picture of Clara Stella Stella, Clara Postdoktor History of ideas, History of the Book, Italian Renaissance, Italian Literature
Picture of Per Strømholm Strømholm, Per Professor Emeritus History of ideas
Picture of Reidar Aasgaard Aasgaard, Reidar Professor +47 22854917 +4766997349 History of ideas, History of Religions, Christianity, New Testament, Early Christianity, Cultural Studies, Translation Studies, Greek, Latin, Popular Music