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Phone +47 22841677
Room GM 417
Available hours Thursdays 12:00-13.45, or by appointment
Visiting address Blindernveien 31 Georg Morgenstiernes hus 0313 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1020 Blindern 0315 OSLO

I am associate professor of practical philosophy at the University of Oslo. I hold a Ph.D. in philosophy from the Australian National University, and bachelor degrees in philosophy and social information from Universidad Católica de Chile. I was previously a postdoc at the Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature at the University of Oslo.

One of my areas of interest in political philosophy is the connection between moral cosmopolitanism, global poverty and human rights. In my book, The Right of Necessity, I ask what is morally permissible for the needy to do for themselves and by themselves in order to get out of their chronically deprived situations. You can listen to an interview about the book here.

With Tom Campbell, I have also co-edited a book on Theories of Justice.

Another area of interest is the normative foundation of territorial rights and rights over natural resources. Currently, I am leading a three-year research project financed by the Polar Programme of the Norwegian Research Council, entitled Political Philosophy Looks to Antarctica. Its aim is to develop a normative framework to assess claims over territory and resources in the White Continent, as well as to inquire into the legitimacy of the international arrangements governing it (i.e., the Antarctic Treaty System and its related instruments and conventions).

I also have a book in Spanish about the figure of the impartial spectator in Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments.

When it comes to ethics, I am curious about the foundations of animal rights (see this article on Veganism), and our relationship towards the non-human world in general (see, for example, this article where I discuss two very different approaches to environmental ethics by two very different film directors, James Cameron and Hayao Miyazaki).

An updated list of publications (with links to them), talks and my cv can be found in my personal webpage.

Tags: Political philosophy, Ethics, History of ideas, Environmental ethics


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  • Mancilla, Alejandra (2016). The Right of Necessity: Moral Cosmopolitanism and Global Poverty. Rowman & Littlefield International.  ISBN 978-1783485864.  140 s.
  • Mancilla, Alejandra & Campbell, Tom (ed.) (2012). Theories of Justice. Routledge.  ISBN 9780754629726.  634 s.

View all works in Cristin

View all works in Cristin

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