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Philosophical Seminar

Filosofisk Seminar with letters and UiOs symbol. Designmark.

Philosophical Seminar is a philosophy colloquium series, hosted by the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas at UiO. The departmental colloquium has previously hosted renowned philosophers such as Charles Taylor, Peter Railton, Galen Strawson, Julia Annas, Martin Kusch, Stephen Darwall, Berit Brogaard, John Sallis, Robert B. Pippin, Serena Parekh, Laurie Paul, Cara Nine and Finnur Dellsén.

The colloquia are usually held on Thursdays from 14.15 - 16.00 in one of the seminar rooms in Georg Morgenstiernes Hus, and are followed by an open and informal reception on the third floor in the same building.

The colloquia are open to everyone. Students are especially encouraged to attend, and all participants are invited to the reception afterwards.

The responsible for Philosophical Seminar is Thomas Kjeller Johansen.

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