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Professor - Middle East Studies
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العِلْم شيء لا يعطيك بعضَه حتّى تعطيه كلّك فإنْ أعطيتَه كلّك فأنت من إعطائه لك البعضَ على خطرٍ

Knowledge is something that does not grant you a portion of itself unless you give yourself completely to it. But even if you give yourself completely to it you can never be sure that it grants you that portion.
(al-Naẓẓām, c. 775-845)


Modern Arabic and Turkish fiction • Comparative Literature • Etymology and Conceptual History of Arabic


Studied "Islamwissenschaft", Modern German Literature, and Philosophy at the universities of Bonn & Tübingen (Germany) • 1980-81 Listener at Cairo University • 1987 MA, 1992 PhD (both from Bonn Univ.), 2003 PD (Privatdozent, Univ. of Bern), 2009 Prof. (Univ. of Oslo) • 1992-96 Fellow at the German Institute for Oriental Studies, Istanbul and Beirut • 1993 guest lecturer at FU Berlin • 1996-2007 teaching and research at the Institute for Islamic and Middle East Studies, University of Bern, Switzerland • 2005-06 guest lecturer and vice-head of department at Munich University • since 2007 teaching and research at the Dpt. for Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, University of Oslo, Norway

Ongoing research

Positions held

  • Secretary General (2006-08, 2014-), formerly also President (2008-12) of the European Association for Modern Arabic Literature (EURAMAL)
  • Co-consultant "Turkish and Turkic literatures" for Kindlers neues Literatur Lexikon, 3rd ed. (Stuttgart: Metzler, 2009)
  • Co-editor of mîzân - Studies in the literatures of the Islamic World (Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden) => Flyer , List of Titles
  • Co-editor of Porta Linguarum Orientalium (Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden) => List of Titles
  • Member of editorial board Middle Eastern Literatures (MEL)
  • (since 2012) Co-editor of Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies (JAIS)
  • Consultant "Arabic Literature" of Store norske leksikon (SNL)


  • Exploratory workshops funded by the European Science Foundation (ESF)
  • Workshop Breaking the Grounds for an Etymological Dictionary of the Arabic Language (22-23 June 2013, Oslo) : see Events. For workshop material click here.
  • West Reads East (23-24 May 2009, Berlin) go directly to the project's homepage
  • Literature, Cognition and Emotions

Teaching and tutoring

  • MØNA1300 - Litteraturhistorie og språkforhold i Midtøsten og Nord-Afrika (BA level course on the history of modern literatures in the Middle East)
  • MES4000 - ("Literature" module in MA course on) Theory, Methodology and Project Description in Middle East Studies
  • MES4010 - Readings in Middle East Studies
  • MES4210 og MES4220 - Topics in Arabic Studies I & II: These two courses offer tailored instruction with a broad thematic focus corresponding to earlier master course like ARA4303 - Modern Arabic Fiction and Dramatic Arts, ARA4304 - Contemporary Arabic Literature: Texts and Contexts, ARA4506 - Key Concepts of Arabic Language and Culture, or similar courses. The actual content is chosen in close dialogue with participants' wishes and needs. 
Tags: Arabic, Turkish, Comparative Literature, Languages and Literatures of the "Islamic World", Etymology of Arabic, Philology, In 2016, Middle East, CIMS
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