2nd Annual Seminar: Reception Studies and the History of the Book

All scholars with an interest in reception studies and book history are welcome to register for the seminar. Keynote addresses by Simone Murray (Monash University, Australia) and Shafquat Towheed (Open University, UK). The event is held in Oslo and streamed via Zoom.

The aim of the seminar is to gather scholars across disciplines and institutions, in order to:

  1. map the existing milieus within the two fields of study
  2. discuss theoretical and methodological advancements within and entanglements between the two fields, also by inviting guest scholars
  3. lay the foundation for further interdisciplinary cooperation, d) discussing ongoing article/book projects.

Register for the seminar (mandatory)

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Questions about the event can be directed to Giuliano D'Amico.


Thursday 21 October

Henrik Wergelands hus, seminar room 210 (all papers are held at CET)

Zoom link: https://uio.zoom.us/j/66574896637 (password will be sent upon registration)


  • 09.00–10.00 Introduction by Giuliano D’Amico and keynote address by Simone Murray (Monash University) – “Picking Your Professor: What is Literary Studies’ Public in the Digital Age?”


  • 10.15–10.45 Gianina Druţă (Oslo Metropolitan University) – “When Dr. Stockmann spoke Romanian…: Petre Sturdza’s translation of An Enemy of the People (1907)” (respondent: Simone Murray)
  • 10.45–11.15 Geir Uvsløkk (University of Oslo) – “Patrick Modiano in Norway, between reception and memory studies” (respondent: Simone Murray)
  • 11.15–11.45 Aina Nøding (National Library of Norway) – “The “Vi-queen’s” charge on Albion’s shores: Sigrid Undset on the British book market, 1920-1950” (respondent: Simone Murray)


  • 13.00–13.30 Terje Stordalen (University of Oslo) – “Literary Canons for an Oral Audience?” (respondent: Shafquat Towheed)
  • 13.30–14.00 Janicke S. Kaasa (Oslo Metropolitan University) – “Sigrid Undset’s Return to the Future in a Book Historical Perspective” (respondent: Shafquat Towheed)
  • 14.00–14.30 Ellen Krefting (University of Oslo) – “Book History and the Ocean” (respondent: Shafquat Towheed)

Friday 22 October

Harriet Holters hus, seminarrom 201 (all papers are held at CET)

Zoom link: https://uio.zoom.us/j/66574896637 (password will be sent upon registration)


  • 09.30–10.30 Keynote address by Shafquat Towheed (The Open University) – “An Examination of Bookshelves in the Age of the COVID-19 Pandemic as a Liminal Space”


  • 10.45–11.15 Álvaro Llosa Sanz (University of Oslo) – “Tina Escaja’s reading machines: objects as books, readers as users” (respondent: Simone Murray)
  • 11.15–11.45 Iris Muñiz (University of Oslo) – “Searching for the authentic Ibsen in German-Spanish translation: Jose Ramón Pérez Bances’ Dramas de Ibsen (1914-1926) and the BITRES project” (respondent: Simone Murray)


  • 13.00–13.30  Ellen Rees (University of Oslo) – “The Book History/Distant Reading/Reception Studies Nexus” (respondent: Shafquat Towheed)
  • 13.30–14.00 Giuliano D’Amico (University of Oslo) – “Hermetic semiosis revisited: The Fantasy of Peer Gynt" (respondent: Shafquat Towheed)
  • 14.00–14.30 Conclusion
Tags: Bokhistorie, Resepsjonsstudier
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