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History of the book and reception

This research group is focused on the history of the book, textual criticism as well as reception studies and theory.

Research interests

The research group understands «the history of the book» as an umbrella term that includes the study of the materiality of texts, publishing history, textual criticism, and not least the production and circulation of literature in a digital world.

In a similar way, we understand “reception” as a broad methodological term that can include the history of reading and criticism, the study of specific interpretations, (mis)uses and adaptations. We are especially interested in how Nordic literature has been and is received, marketed and translated in other countries, and how foreign literature is received in the Norwegian and Scandinavian cultural field(s).

About the research group

The research group was founded in 2019 as a continuation of the work of a previous research group, “Text editions and reception”. The group consists of researchers from ILN and connected centres who meet at least once a year to discuss ongoing projects and theoretical texts of mutual interest. The group will work actively on recruiting master students to their activities. In the long run, the group aims to investigate external funding opportunities, with the aim of inviting external researchers, start working on collective publications, and recruiting Ph.D. candidates.

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